Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vegas Part I: Capsule via my iPhone 4

I spent an entire week in Las Vegas from August 16-23 for Part I: Capsule Trade Show and Part II: Slightly Dangerous... I still can't believe I actually survived 7 days in Sin City! Especially considering the fact that I fainted one morning from dehydration. I guess you could say I had so much fun, I fainted! Time of my life status for sure!!!

Here's a look at the first several days through my iPhone 4:

Aww... Miss Lawn (Hellz) x Bam (GPPR) are matching!
Breakfast at Mandalay Bay.

My suite at the Trump:

Introducing the "Last Gang in Town" aka GPPR:

Its the movement...
Even Denzel came by Capsule to visit me... Or maybe it was because I have him my Xbox 360. HAHA
The infamous Creative Rec party at XS:

Bee Nguyen (Hot Air) reppin' #morebelve!
Ariana x Jon (Blends)
After party at the Bowling Suites inside the Palms for Diamond x Black Scale. XXX

Back to work...

Matching again?
Luis (Hypebeast) checkin' out our Fall/Summer 2011 Collection.

Sneak preview of the Hot Air Summer 2011 catalog.

Han Cholo private suite party at the Hard Rock.

Karmaloop x Jabbawockeez x Crooks & Castles party at Haze!

Shout out to KB and the rest of the Jabbawockeez for killin' it! Proud!
Sosupertk x Sosupersam

Platinum (Love of Ray J) x Talia Sunset
You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!!!

WTF are you saying Moe (GPPR)?!

All you can eat BBQ with Karmaloop x Antenna Mag x Flud x Society

That was just the first 3 days... Look out for Vegas Part II: Slightly Dangerous coming soon!

The Wildlife (LA) is Classified™

[Saturday, August 14th] The ASR weekend festivities in San Diego continued with us bringing down DJ Partytime (Wildlife) and DJ Quix (DJ Quik) from LA to Confidential.

Before heading to Classified™ we had dinner at Katsu where I saw these rugrats cruisin' down 4th Avenue bumpin' some hood music from their Escalade Power Wheel. WTF?
Destiny rockin' our GPPR "Malcolm" glasses.
Shout out to these 4 ladies for coming down to surprise me: B x Jenilee x Cheryl Anne x Jane

The Wildlife LA aka DJ Mark Marcelo (Victory) x DJ Partytime (722)

DJ Partytime aka Cody got all the white girls dancing to the Dream... #RadioKiller!

UFX Fam: Vanessa x Sammie (Sosupersam)
DJ Quix is in the building!!!
Shout out to all the LA folks that came through and kept it Classified™.

Every Saturday at Confidential is Classified™. ;)


We're bringing this #bayareatakeover to Atmosphere tonight in celebration of Alex Retodo (Hvyrsnl), Hannah Kwak (Victory), and all the other Virgo birthday. See you tonight San Francisco!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I want: LaCie MosKeyto USB Flash Drive

The LaCie MosKeyto redefines portable. The ultra-tiny Mac/Windows-compatible USB 2.0 flash drive, which you can just keep plugged in all the time, measures less than 20mm and weighs 10 grams. Available in 4GB ($18), 8GB ($28) and 16GB ($TBA) capacities.

Via: Uncrate

Video: World of Dance San Diego by Yak Films

For those of you that missed me emceeing World of Dance San Diego, here's a recap video of the event by Yak Films.

We're coming to Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, and wrapping up the 2010 tour in Hollywood. For more information:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[SJ] Victory's taking over Sabor in a MAJOR way!


Monday, September 6, 2010

[SD] El Camino x Firehouse & [LA] My Studio

[Sunday, August 15th] We wrapped ASR weekend in San Diego by heading over to EL Camino in Little Italy for brunch. Who doesn't love some $1 mimosas, beautiful SoCal weather, and good music on a Sunday afternoon?

Sounds provided by Profile (Irons)

The Mindz Alike duo of DJ Edroc & Julz

Sheryl x Jane x Aplus x Noelle x Cyrus x Jenny Chu x Jenilee x Killuh B

Peter (GPPR) x Sheryl enjoying their brunch. By the way, I love El Camino's brunch menu!

OMG! It was straight up a MCHS reunion with Diana x Laurel x Frank. So great to catch up with long time friends... I can't believe our 10 year reunion is coming up next year. I'm gonna play it by the way so spread the word!

A preview of Slightly Dangerous: Las Vegas...

Its then off to Pacific Beach to visit other friends at Firehouse.
Poppin' bottles of champagne courtesy of Cyrus. Thank you sir!
Wish I took a picture of the magnificent ocean view...

DJ Aplus x DJ Virus x Killuh B

Destiny x Mikey

We're just getting started!

Time to make our way back to Los Angeles, but before we go lets take a quick picture in front of the ocean. Fun times in San Diego... Definitely a sneak preview of the madness about to come for Slightly Dangerous.

It was straight to Entree Sundays at My Studio in Hollywood for me. The spot was crackin'!!!

Shout out to Aimee (Movement Lifestyle) up in the building!

You know what sparklers mean...

It was another eventful Sunday in San Diego and Los Angeles.