Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Wildlife (LA) is Classified™

[Saturday, August 14th] The ASR weekend festivities in San Diego continued with us bringing down DJ Partytime (Wildlife) and DJ Quix (DJ Quik) from LA to Confidential.

Before heading to Classified™ we had dinner at Katsu where I saw these rugrats cruisin' down 4th Avenue bumpin' some hood music from their Escalade Power Wheel. WTF?
Destiny rockin' our GPPR "Malcolm" glasses.
Shout out to these 4 ladies for coming down to surprise me: B x Jenilee x Cheryl Anne x Jane

The Wildlife LA aka DJ Mark Marcelo (Victory) x DJ Partytime (722)

DJ Partytime aka Cody got all the white girls dancing to the Dream... #RadioKiller!

UFX Fam: Vanessa x Sammie (Sosupersam)
DJ Quix is in the building!!!
Shout out to all the LA folks that came through and kept it Classified™.

Every Saturday at Confidential is Classified™. ;)