Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hollywood is getting MADE OVER!

Join me this Friday, October 17th in Hollywood at Highlands for "Made Over" hosted by the lovely ladies of MADE Jewelry.

Then its off to San Francisco on Saturday... Maybe...

Lupe Fiasco x Converse

Award-winning Certified Gold artist Lupe Fiasco joins close homie Dr. Romanelli as part of next year’s PRODUCT (RED) project with Converse. The PRODUCT (RED) initiative is to build awareness and raise money for humanitarian efforts. An understated bit of flash is seen via an all-black patent leather Chuck Taylor. Gone is the usual rubber toecap as well as the typical heel patch, both replaced with the full patent leather deal. Keeping with the PRODUCT (RED) theme, hints of red can be seen on the trademark top eyelet and sole as well as on a strip across the side.

SOURCE: Hypebeast

There's a pair of low tops as well.

Add this to the "I want..." list.  HAHA

Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't forget...

It's a celebration bitches!

Dress Code: Fashion Forward Attire. No baggy clothes, sports attire, hats, white sneakers, or white t-shirts. Come dress to impress for our Victory Nightlife Photo Booth.

Guest List: FREE before 11PM for those on the guestlist. Get there early because doors open at 9PM.  Capacity is limited.


Spread the word and please repost this! THANKS!

Head Porter x Buzz Rickson x William Gibson Bags

I need a new laptop case...
Head Porter, Japan’s most famous bag company comes together with Buzz Rickson (Sugar Cane) and William Gibson to bring us this new collection of bags. The fabrics used for the collection is nylon originally developed for military bulletproof vests, which is 5 times stronger than regular nylon fabric, and genuine horse leather made for Buzz Rickson’s A-2 jackets. Both bags come with a Porter MAG light as a zipper pull, various inner hidden pockets, gusseted outer pockets, removable shoulder straps, and more. There is also a William Gibson party coming up at Self Edge on November 9th with the man himself, more information to follow.

MSRP: $530.00

YouTube Classic

Still makes me laugh everytime... HAHA


One of the many blogs that I keep tabs on is the Flickr Blog.  You can always find amazingly stunning photos displayed in each post.  In one of their recent entries, entitled "Banksy", they display a compilation of photos taken by different users of artwork by well known British street artist, Banksy.

Here are a few of his pieces:

Here's a 9 minute video of a British Culture Show that covers the illusive and infamous Banksy.

Who is Banksy?

Hood Rats!

"Fuck you for abandoning me.  I didn't know where I was when I woke up.  Haha." - Steven aka Bin aka Birthday Boy

That's the text I woke up to this morning.  HAHA.  Originally I was planning on being productive but I ended up meeting up with everyone at Joe & Cindy's condo once again to go have lunch at Seau's Restaurant.

Look at this cute little pomeranian dog that belonged to one of the neighbors.  So nice!
The Mama Combo at Seau's is, in the words of Kim, "bomb dot com!"
After lunch we had to pick up Cindy from SDSU.  We decided to cause some ruckus and stuff 7 people into Guil's Honda Element.  3 in the front and 4 in the back.  Our plan was to all pick Cindy up in this crammed ass car while bumping the most ignorant song possible.  Just watch the video...
Straight hood rat shit!

We dropped by the Jamba Juice near my Mom aka An Diep's work, so we all payed her a short visit.  She was there playing with her co-worker's baby boy, Sebastian.  I love baby feet!  HAHA
Then it was off to Fashion Valley so I could replace my cracked iPhone.  It turns out I have to pay another $200 for a new replacement iPhone.  Damn, I just got this 3G iPhone less than a month ago too.  They were so busy so I had to make an appointment to come back.

I've been meaning to get a new cologne fragrance but there's just so many to choose from.  I'm tired of my usual Fabreze Original: Linen & Sky scent.  HAHA

I swear we spent more than 30 mins smelling every cologne at Sephora.  Thanks to Meg, Fels, Cindy, and Kim for helping me find my new cologne...
Good bye Fabreze.  Hello Armani: Code.

Fun times... But so unproductive!

FREE DJ Z-Trip Obama Mix

Vote for Obama!

CLICK HERE to download DJ Z-Trip's Obama Mix

Via Press Release:

Musician, DJ Z Trip and artist, Shepard Fairey have been throwing fundraising and visibility events for several months in an effort register voters and introduce and energize audiences to volunteer for Barack Obama’s bid for Presidency. These events, called “The Party For Change” were designed to engage their mutual fan base and extend the message of the importance of voter registration to those who need to hear it most.

DJ Z Trip, recently named in the top five DJ’s in the United States by DJ Times, has created a free downloadable mix for all to share called “Obama Mix“. Perfected over months, the Obama Mix is one masterful 54 minute mp3 track ( consists of uplifting and motivating calls to action in support of this year’s Presidential nominee Barack Obama. This politically charged “conscious” mashup of samples, speeches, and songs, all in the trademark Z-Trip style. Presented along with the now iconic Obama HOPE print- Z Trip’s Obama Mix showcases exactly how Obama is changing the way youth culture views and engages in politics.

In a note to his fans, Z Trip urges people to get informed and to vote, “Please share the message. Educate those who may not know what is really going on. There is still time. I encourage you to make it a priority to speak to your friends, family and co-workers. Speak to anyone who will listen. This election is WAY too important for anyone to not get involved. Together we will vote to change our current course and reclaim a leadership of which we can be proud”

Z Trip, one of the biggest DJs of our time, performs over 100 shows a year, every year. Considered by many to be a founder of the mash-up movement, his musical tastes are eclectic and his mixing style rejects simple classification. Z Trip has reached the highest pinnacles a DJ’s can reach- playing in front of half a million people, opening for the Rolling Stones, headlining major festivals and receiving top honors by major music and lifestyle publications. Recently, Z Trip was invited to perform at Camp Buehring, Kuwait for soldiers of the United States Army in Kuwait as part of a high profile MySpace concert. In 2008, Z Trip headlined the Manifest Hope concert, performing his Obama Mix at the Democratic National Convention in front of innumerable city, state and national leaders.

SOURCE: Vapors Mag

FYI: Victory Nightlife will be hosting a "ROCK THE VOTE!" event at the next Prospect Bar & Lounge on Saturday, October 18th.  We'll be encouraging everyone to register to vote.  Come out, show your support, and make a difference.


I was busy all day Wednesday.  I dropped by 5&A Dime to meet with Jay and the crew about our upcoming Halloween Massive event at House of Blues on Friday, October 31st (FYI: Limited $10 presale tickets are available now at ticketmaster).  5&A Dime will be hosting the Legends Lounge once again with Julz (Mindz Alike) & Flo (UNIV) providing the music.

Behind the scenes of 5&A Dime.
While I was there the new 5&A Dime mustache stickers came in.  You can read more about it on their blog.  Here's Gian and I modeling the new stickers... TWINS!
They also got the new Babe Blvd t-shirts in featuring a few of our favorites...
Misa Campo! =)
I also dropped by Blends to hang out with Mark and Edwin (Segue Mag).  Don't forget Blends will be dropping the limited edition LT #21 Air Force 1's this Sunday.  Click here for more info.
I also dropped by the Onyx & Thin office on 5th Ave to hang out with Jose and Charlissa to discuss future dates and just bug them.  HAHA  Afterwards I was headed to the University of Phoenix for my first day of class.  It's been more than 10 months since I've been in school.  I'm currently taking MBA 520 Transformational Leadership, which only meets once a week on Wednesday from 6-10PM.  Damn 4 hours... Good there there's wi-fi!  HAHAOnce class ended I meet with with the rest of the TAA crew at Joe & Cindy's condo in Mission Valley to celebrate Steven Bautista's birthday.  Since it was Wednesday, we decided to take it back to the OG spot... JT's!  HAHA

Damn, only $2 for a shot of vodka... Let me get 11 of them!  HAHA
Happy Birthday Steven!
TAA Reunited!  Steven x Joe x Guil x TK
Look at Steven... HAHA
Jean Claude Van Dam?  HAHA  I like that girls reaction in the back...
Steven usually never drinks but he had at least 8 drinks within a short hour at JTs.  Look at what happen when we decided to head over to Bar Basic for some pizza... HAHA  

Steven x Meghan
We also dropped by Bumsville to pick up Terry, but when we got here Steven ended up knockin' the fuck out on the couch.  He didn't even go to Bar Basic with us.  We ended up continuing the celebration without him with some Mash Potato Pizza with no mash potatoes.  I've been craving Basic pizza for the past few days...
Julz ended up getting hella drunk too... Its not even your birthday Julz!  HAHA
Happy Birthday Steven!  I love you!  TAA baby!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 14th

Apple's just sent out invites for the October 14 MacBook event being held in Cupertino at Apple's headquarters. How do we know it's about MacBook? Well, take a look at the image. The fun starts 10:00 AM, PST. We'll see you there early that morning for our usual entertaining pre-game commentary before the actual Liveblog starts. Looks like we'll get to see which one of those MacBook "brick" rumors will be coming true. We're hoping for the one where Steve Jobs gives all attendees a new car.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Massive Presale Tix - Only $10

Breaking News: Limited presale tickets for our upcoming Halloween Massive at House of Blues are now on sale for only $10.  Get them while they're still $10 because they'll be going up to $20 soon.  Trust me!  You won't want to miss out on the PARTY OF THE YEAR!

CLICK HERE to purchase your limited $10 presale tickets now.

You know everyone is gonna be there!  Spread the word!!!

The Birth of a Mexican!

Tuesday night we celebrated the 26th birthday of our favorite Mexican aka the "real" Batman aka Prom King 2001 aka #36 aka Too Juicy aka Spicy Butt aka TJ Retuya at Cozymel's Mexican Grill in La Jolla.

Photos courtesy of the Laguna's: Eduardo x Cecile.  Nice camera by the way!

TK x JR x TJ
"Fix you face hoe!"
No comment.
Rose x Rhoda
Yeah... Body shots off of MC!
Too bad it doesn't look like neither of you enjoyed it.  HAHA
What the flash?
Cake to the face!
Here are two videos of TJ showing off why he was named "Best Dancer" at Black Mountain Middle School in 1997.  5... 6... 7... 8...

"Get off a T dude!"

Love you T!  Happy Birthday!  Wildboyz 4 Life!

We'll be continuing TJ's birthday celebration this Friday at Sin Nite Club.  Be there.