Friday, March 6, 2009

Exclusive @ THIN/ONYX w/ Secret Password...

This Friday, March 6th, I'll be hosting Exclusive at THIN/ONYX in San Diego's Gaslamp District. You know its always crackin' when Victory throws an event here.

SECRET PASSWORD: "Where is my Sister Bear?" (Note: the secret password grants FREE admission only until 11PM and 1/2 off cover there after)

Spread the word and see you on the dance floor!
Happy Birthday Sister Bear!

ABDC Season III Finale

I just got back from Hollywood were I spent my Thursday at the taping of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season III Finale. There were tons of celebrities there and all the crews from season III were back. The entire 5DTV and family were there to document the event.

In the press tent backstage we were all shocked when Mario Lopez announced Quest Crew as this season's champions. Don't get me wrong, Quest Crew is an incredibly talented, creative, and great group of young men (a few who I know personally), but we've been working closely with Beat Freaks and have been rooting for them the entire season. No worries. We're still extremely proud of Beat Freaks. You've all inspired and represented for all the females out there. Sometimes things don't go the way you want, but this is just the beginning for all these crews. Congrats to Quest Crew!

Be on the look out because we're bringing Break Freaks to San Diego soon for an in-store signing, dance workshop, and party! 5&A Dime just posted a blog from yesterday's events. Be on the look out for our upcoming 5DTV video from the finale. Now, here is Jay (5&A Dime):

Last night was the final episode of ABDC with Quest Crew and Beat Freaks battling it out for the number one spot.

We had the 5Dtv crew there supporting the Beat Freaks

Beat Freaks fans waiting to get into the studio

It may be hard to believe but we actually plan out how were going to shoot our episodes

Working on a little skit for this episode

Melissa Reyes and TK

These guys are on another one of the dancing shows on tv and I guess homegirl is some kinda of Olympic gymnast or something.

In the press tent and yes it was this dark. Thanks for the adequate amount of light

Melissa is awkward...but in a good way.

They made the press wait behind the stage and told us to stand in a single file line like we were in grade school. Every time we stood out of line or tried to wander off we got scolded by the was awesome.

For the final episode MTV set us up on the stage to conduct our interviews.

Try to guess who won?

I kept trying to stand out of everyones way but somehow managed to repeatedly get in everyones way.

Lydia Paek from SD's own "Box Cuttuhz"

ABDC's DJ Rashida

This is "Winson Seto" and he's the one responsible for getting us in every time, even when we have a few extra names on our list he still helps us out...for that we threw him a mini celebration.

In the interview she told us she has a boyfriend... I think "Fail!" is the new term the internet kids are using these days.

Here's a bunch of random dudes or whatever.

I think you guys won and America cheated. That's our opinion.

Thanks to the Beat Freaks for supporting 5&A Dime and thanks to Matt, Lee J and Younger for all you help along the way.

Rob Grimes is opening up for T.I. in SD!

If you haven't already heard, TI is coming to San Diego on March 17th for his Farewell Tour. San Diego's very own talented MC, Rob Grimes will be opening up the show. You watched him perform at Victory Nightlife's last Club Massive at House of Blues, now here is your chance to see him take the stage at the San Diego Sports Arena.

Who wants to go? I'm gonna try to find tickets this week...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ladies First: Stussy x Hellz

This upcoming Tuesday, March 10th, Hellz Bellz x Stussy are hosting a party with Love Made at the Ecco Ultra Lounge in Hollywood. Its also Bam's (Hellz) birthday too so that means its gonna be Patron time! I'll be rollin' up with a handful of people from SD. I hope to see you all there! Its gonna be fun times!
Make sure to take a look at the Hellz x Stussy callabo and check out the Hellz Bellz site.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Beat Freak x 5&A Dime T-Shirts!

The new Beat Freaks x 5&A Dime t-shirts are in just in time for this weeks Season III finale! The new "Freak the Beat" campaign comes in a Lakers colorway...

CLICK HERE to get your "Freak the Beat" shirt now!

Don't forget to continue to Freak the Vote all week!

Make sure you say hi to 5DTV if you plan on going to the live taping this Thursday. Should be fun!!!

Busta Rhymes @ House of Blues

Edwin (Segue) and I headed to the Busta Rhymes concert this past Monday at House of Blues. Thanks to Kenji and Jack for taking care of us with tickets and drinks.

This was definitely one of the most hype concerts I've ever been to. Busta played hit after hit, but I wish he would have done more than just one verse from each song, but it was all good. It was like going back down memory lane, back to the good old high school days. There was tons of crowd participation, hilarious mini skits, and even a special guest... Xzibit!

We rolled to the Red Circle after party hosted by Pony. We didn't stay long, just had a drink, and chopped it up with a few friends. Rampage (not the UFC Fighter... HAHA), Shawne Merriman (Chargers), Shawn Philips (Chargers), and 3/4 of all the promoters in SD were all there.

Spiff Starr x Busta Rhymes
X to the Z!
Arab Money!
We ran into Melissa Hurley at Red Circle. Thanks for the shot girl! Good seeing you!
Stay classy San Diego...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Guil Padilla!

Saturday I drove straight back down to San Diego from Hollywood (wearing the exact same thing I wore on Friday... HAHA. I'm a dirty kid!) for Guil's (TAA) birthday. The night started off at Fuddruckers in Mission Valley with a huge group of 20+. My camera died so I didn't get a chance to take any photos. Boo!

After dinner we meet up at Bumsville, where the girls were having a Girls Night Out bachelorette party for Diane. We headed out to Bar 923 first, where Flo was DJing. Then t0 THIN/ONYX afterwards were we had 3 bottles waiting for us. Everyone was raging, especially Guil (how doesn't remember the night), but I was in chill mode because I was so tired from the festivities from the past few nights. All these photos are provided by Mikey. Thanks!

CLICK HERE to view Mikey's photos from THIN/ONYX.

I haven't seen Rachel and Sue in forever... I miss them!
Guil putting his bottle of champagne to use on Rachel... Open wide!
Thanks to Jose for setting us up with a VIP area. What do you know about the secret backdoor entrance. Holla!
Congrats to Diane who is getting married in a month. Now its your turn to open wide!
The party can start now!
I love sparklers!
Saturday's at THIN/ONYX are pretty crackin'! But I still think we throw the best parties there on our 1st and 3rd Fridays. Don't forget to come out this Friday...
Guil (TAA) x Julz (Mindz Alike) x Joe (TAA)... Nice mask Joe!
Terry breakin' it down in the VIP area.
Happy Birthday Guil!
Mike aka DJ Teknikscian x Ivan
The ladies love Scott (One People Project)!
Happy birthday to my twin brother, Guil! 143!

5DTV YouTube Channel

Here's the unedited version of the interview I did with Beat Freaks for 5DTV.

Check out the 5DTV Channel on while you're at it.

Don't forget to Freak the Vote all week! 5DTV will be filming at the Season III finale of ABDC.

Adam Lambert (AI) / RAID Airbands 2000

Ollie (Segue) recently posted a blog entry about Adam Lambert, who is currently one of the top 12 finalist on this season's American Idol, from the days when we did High School Airbands together. We placed 1st at Mt. Carmel HS and 2nd at the San Diego Pepsi Finals (we should have won 1st but we were 3rd in the line up of over 25 acts). I miss the gold of days of Airbands... Indian Jones ('99), Raid ('00), and Bangarang ('01). Those were the days!

If you didn’t know, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is from Rancho Penasquitos here in SD! He was actually in our airbands in 2000!!! This guy is repping PQ on another level. But yeah, 5 months ago Adam left a youtube comment on our RAID video! I hope he wins it.


FYI: someone uploaded a new RAID video on youtube from a front row angle YESTERDAY!!!! 9 years later! Adam Lambert is the guy singing with the girls in this video.

Source: Ollie's Blog

More photos from Allen's Birthday @ Highlands!

Usual Suspect's photographer Steve Bitanga (Babe Blvd) just posted photos from Highlands on Friday on their site. Thanks Steve!

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Allen's Birthday!

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