Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Longest Weekend Ever...

This past weekend has been the longest weekend ever! Let me take it back to...

Thursday: Althea took me out to dinner for my birthday. We ate at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion for the first time in La Jolla. They had delicious food and wonderful service. We both highly recommend it to everyone!

Kobe Beef Sushi Roll... Delightful!
Althea and I both had the 3 course meal:
1.) Appetizer:
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Sampler: Shrimp on a Stick with Wasabi Cocktail Sauce, Wood Grilled Szechuan Spiced Baby Back Pork Ribs, and Lobster Potsticker
2.) Entree:
Slow Braised and Charbroiled Shortribs of Beef (TK)
Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi with Lobster Butter Sauce (Althea)

Mysters 4 Life!
3.) Desert:
Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé (TK)
Caramel Macadamia Nut Almond Tart with Vanilla Bean ice cream (Althea)
I'm 24!!!

Friday: I was busy all day preparing for our long weekend. I had lunch w/ Moe, Jodonn, Ryan, and Bayani at TGIF in Downtown. I also stopped by Blends to visit the homies... I ended up getting my first pair of Air Max 360s. I've always wanted a pair of 360s b/c I heard they were really comfy but they're so expensive. Luckily everything at Blends was on sale this weekend so I finally got a pair. $175 but 40% off... Its still a lot of money but they feel great!

I spent a few hours at Ollie's house w/ Bayani printing Victory Nightlife shirts for HIN: Nightshift and Body Rock. Uncle Gill even cooked us spaghetti... It was pretty random just eating dinner at Ollie's w/ Uncle Gill and Bayani... Without Ollie. HAHA

We also had reLOADED @ Heat Supper Club that night for the official HIN: Nightshift & Body Rock Preparty. It was seriously packed!!! We were at capacity early and it was seriously HOT in there! Lots of different promoters came out to show love: Visionshock, Love in the Club, Event Vibe, Climax, etc. Its our 3rd consecutive week at capacity... Heat is the *NEW* Friday Night Hot Spot!!! Join us this Friday for Althea's birthday!!!

I had a slumber party at my house that night for Body Rock. When I got home at 2:45AM KJ was already there. Jeff and Melissa (aka Melissa R from the Pussy Cat Dolls) didn't get to my house till almost 3:30PM. We ended up watching Scarred on MTV and eating Cheez Its. I don't think I could watch another episode of Scarred... That shit is gross! I wonder who watches that shit regularly? Sickos!

Anyways we had to be at Body Rock at 8AM and I was tossing and turning the entire night b/c my tooth was hurting. I slept for 1 hour... No joke!

Saturday: The BIG day! Victory Nightlife had 4 events all in one day. The majority of our team was at HIN: Nightshift @ Coors Amphitheater ft. E-40. We also had two After Parties at Deco's w/ Deviate and another at Excelsior w/ Color Me Fresh and Babe Blvd.

The Producers: Jen, TK, Anna, & Artheta
Scotty & Tany from Victory Nightlife... Thanks guys!
Some of our lovely ambassadors who helped at check it.
Dancing Icons: KJ and Shaun
Crazy Guy!!! Doesn't look so crazy here... HAHA
Hard at work promoting for THE SCENE (18+) this Friday @ Scottish Rite!
StudioFX Kidz... Check out their HIP HOP poses!
Mr. Rogers reppin' at the Pre-Show Battle...
This years Pre-Show Battle was hype... We had people come out from Houston, Texas represent. I know everyone was waiting to see Boogie Monstarz and Chill Factor battle but it eventually went down after the event in the parking garage... I wish I was there but they finally settled their beef. Much respect to both crews... Glad you guys settled it on the dance floor.
The Towers...
Newly Engaged Keith from Blends came out to watch the show... Congrats!!! Like Edwin said, "Its a sad day in women hood." HAHA
This picture was taken during intermission but we had a packed house of over 2,000+
Wabs reppin' Carpe Diem... Grr!
Melissa R also reppin' Carpe Diem... Look out for this upcoming brand at your local street wear shops.
1st Place: DS Players (Bay Area)... Its crazy how just 3 talented guys, who also happen to play DS, competed against full dance troupes and won! Congrats guys!
Best Dancer of the Night goes to MYSTER! Great job baby!
Thank you to all the teams who performed and everyone who came out and supported Body Rock. Here's how the placement went:

1st Place: DS Players (SF)
2nd Place: Non-Stop (Oxnard)
3rd Place: The Camp (SF)

It was long day but that wasn't the end of it... I ended up heading to Deco's for the After Party w/ UrbanFX. It was crackin' at Deco's... They were almost at capacity when I got there and it was only 11PM. I didn't stay long... I just wanted to see how the event was and make an appearance.

I was suppose to go to Excelsior but I heard it was crackin' there too! So I just went home and got some rest... I don't remember being that tired in forever!

Sunday: Althea, Abegail (Althea's sister), Chris, and I headed up to Universal Studios for the 2007 MTV: Movie Awards. We were casted as seat fillers... Basically we fill in open seats when celebrities leave. We waited at Universal Studios for almost 3 hours before they finally let us into the Gibson Amphitheater. But once we got it it was well worth the wait... There were tons of celebrities everywhere... Jay-Z, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Camron Diaz, and the list goes on... Since there were so many celebs it wasn't as special b/c they were all there in one room just sitting a few rows away from us. They didn't allow us to bring cameras, which sucked... So we have no proof but we were there. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully we can bring more of the homies w/ us next time... I want to go to the MTV: Music Awards b/c its like a huge concert.
Afterwards, the four of us went to an Italian Restaurant in Santa Monica... YUMMY!
I look like a lazy fat boy!
We finally got home at 11ish... What a way to end the weekend!

Thank you everyone who helped out with all of our events, especially our Victory Nightlife staff. We put on 5 events this weekend and they were all successful! Thanks to everyone who read the entire post... I know it was long... I actually had to cut out a lot of details but its ok.

View the rest of the pictures from my crazy weekend here:

My deepest sympathies goes out to you and your family. We're all here for you! Let us know if there is anything we can do... 143!!! Friends Forever!!!