Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday at Confidential is Classified™

Black & Gold Attire is Classified™.

Music with:
• DJ Mark Marcelo (
• Performance by Krystle Cruz along with Angie Girl & Michelle Martinez

Celebrating the birthdays of:
• Krystle Cruz
• Yogi
• Jamie Bernal
• Jomo Moreno
• Girard Evalle
• Marvin Carandang
• Jennifer Ahn
• Ria Encina

and the Bon Voyage of:
• Renz Villalobos

Bottle service recommended:

Guest list and other Classified information:

*Subject to capacity. Ratio enforced.
**Guest list free/reduced cover before 11pm.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blends x RRL by Ralph Lauren

RRL X Blends selvage denim is limited to 50 pairs and each pair is individually numbered. Rigid black selvage was selected to reflect both our enthusiasm for motorcycles as well as vintage American style. There are 5 different threads used in the manufacturing of the jeans. Also, there are hidden rivets in back pockets just like vintage denim.

We hope to use our Made in USA campaign to recognize the importance of the American worker. Ralph Lauren is an incomparable American Icon in the clothing industry and this product represents both Mr. Lauren and Blends spirit and pride in the USA and American made products.We wanted to produce a unique product to kick off our Made in USA campaign and as such the entire Blends staff is honored to be part of this release with RRL.

More product and order information is available at

Its awesome to see Blends team up with one of the most recognized brands in the world. I want a pair! =)

"These streets will make you feel brand new..."

The weekend is here and its about to be non-stop mayhem until we leave for New York on Monday morning. I am super excited because I haven't been back to New York in a few months and I love seeing the East Coast fam. I am not looking forward to the weather however, but I guess its not that different from what SoCal is like right now.

Tonight I'll be at Bar Delux in Hollywood for the Grand Opening. Then its back to San Diego in Saturday morning for a meeting for Body Rock and Victory, followed by a birthday dinner, and fun times at Confidential for all the January birthdays. Confidential is gonna be crackin' tomorrow!

On Sunday, An Diep aka Mom will be coming up to LA with me to visit my new place for the first time. I'm excited for her to see how I'm living, plus she's cooking! =) HAHA We're ending, wait actually we're not sleeping, but we're gonna mob to Guys & Dolls and party until we have to get on our 7am flight to New York!

I can already hear "Empire State of Mind" playing in my head... Can't wait! New York here we come!

I love these photos I took in New York back in 2008.

TONIGHT: Grand Opening of Fridays at Bar Delux!

If you missed the previous Fridays at Bar Delux...
See you tonight! =)

Mink Mondays ft. Lisa!

[Monday, January 18th] I know Mondays are usually tough for most since its the start of the new work week, but I actually look forward to it because of Mink Mondays ft. Lisa! We've had Korean BBQ, Kogi Tacos, and this week we're having Steak & Risotto. =)

No heels this time... HAHA! ;)
Mink Mondays: Lisa aka @bigotwiteez x Mink aka @minkdeville
Chachy is a happy boy because he gets to come home from a long day at work to have 2 hot ladies (and 2 hot boys) to make him dinner! HAHA
Tell me that doesn't look like some 5 star restaurant meal... Yum!
We're one big happy family! =)
Check out the keys we got for our chefs: Mink aka Leopard from the Zoo Crew & Jenny Ting Ting aka Mulan from Disney.
People have been getting a little upset that they haven't been invited to dinner, but I mean its really open to everyone, so come over! Just give me a heads up!

See you guys at the Grand Opening of Bar Delux tonight in Hollywood!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hellz x Vans

Hellz is killin' right now, actually they've been killin' it! Not only did Bam just release a men's collection "GPPR", but Lanie's collaboration with Vans is about to jump off too! We're gonna celebrate with some our friend Patron at the private Hellz x Vans event in New York next week!

I leave for New York on Monday, January 25th... NYC holla at me!

5&A Dime x Zoo York: Mustache Board

The new collaboration between 5&A Dime and Zoo York is so fresh! Don't hesitate because there are a limited quantity of 50 available... Make it 49 because I'm picking one up tomorrow!
"Mustache Skateboard" by Zoo York x 5&A Dime and matching logo tee. The deck features our signature mustache logo in a red, black, and white plaid colorway. The boards are 8" and are limited to only 50.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GPRP 2010 by Hellz

This Spring/Summer 2010, the “Last Gang in Town” collection highlights the introduction of GPPR, a new men’s line brought to you by the same creative minds behind renowned contemporary fashion brand Hellz. The strong and progressive graphics have been thoughtfully crafted to reflect the ideology of design for the people by the people. “The Gentleman, The Philosopher, The Pervert, and the Rebel” represent the four men who are the backbone of society and are the personification of the broad and eclectic assortment of influences for the brand.

CLICK HERE to check out the GPPR site.

I want that whole outfit Bam! Thanks! HAHA

Its about time Hellz release something for the men! I've been waiting forever! I am excited to see it all coming to life. Congrats to Bam and the rest of Hellz!

I wonder which of the 4 men I am: Gentlemen, Philosopher, Pervert, or Rebel!? Humm...

Season 8 of 24!

The new season of 24 has started with a two-night, four-hour premier filled with bullets, espionage, government database hacks, kidnappings, and Freddie Prinze Jr. Yes, you heard me right! Everyone's high school crush aka Freddie Prinze Jr. is on 24 as Cole Ortiz. I haven't been this excited about a TV show in a while... Welcome back Jack Bauer!
If you missed the 4 hour premier, you can watch the full episodes on Fox.

Throwback Photos!

So I guess TJ (Wildboyz) must have gotten a new scanner for Santa Claus this Christmas because he went on a picture scanning frenzy today with some old school pictures from high school and even middle school! Damn... These are pretty embarrassing but I definitely got a kick out of them. I want to see more...

8th Grade: Wow! TJ (the one to my right) and I really use to be the same height. I guess he never grew since 8th grade because I'm now a whole foot taller than him. HAHA
morP aka our 1st high school dance. Wuss Clan x Wu Tang
No comment. HAHA... WTF was I thinking!?
Wildboyz 4 Life! Damn Vince is straight up creepy predator status in this picture. HAHA
Yes, I use to have a tail that I spiked up like Alfalfa from Little Rascals!
"Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again!"

J.E.T.S. = Journey Ends This Sunday... Chargers!

[Sunday, January 17th] Sunday was seriously an exhausting day that started off in San Diego at 8am at Qualcomm Stadium for the Chargers vs. Jets playoff game. Followed by the drive back up to Los Angeles for Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood. It was a 19 hour roller coaster ride of emotions filled with tons of unhealthy food, alcohol, friends, and driving.

Let's not talk about the game... So disappointed! I'm still in disbelief. But it was a great season, just wish it would have ended the way I had envisioned it. =( Anyways, this was the first time in 2 years I didn't have Charger season tickets. I miss the whole Sunday game day experience. Especially the tailgating part because its like a reunion, you never know who you're gonna run into.

Alvin with his little heart attacks in a blanket... Bacon wrapped piggies in a blanket.
Last time I saw Chris Penny was at the game wearing his infamous ripped jeans. I love this guy... I also love the other guy in the picture aka Ollie aka BFF!
2 of my favorite white boys ever in life: Chris Penny x Justin Mann. I remember us always hanging out on Donaker Street back in our middle school days. Damn, I miss those days!
Pillow Biters: Alex x Jason x Brandon
Its a Black Mountain Middle School reunion!
Wildgirlz: Verna x Rhoda
Charger Snuggies!?
Mt. Carmel High School! Aww... I was really happy to see everyone! 143!
Game time...
Sad times... Thanks to section D4 & E3 for getting me drunk. I got so much shit from everyone sitting near me in the first quarter because I kept on dozing off. Funny thing is, by the 4th quarter, everyone who was giving me shit earlier was so drunk they couldn't even stay awake either.

I went from not drink since I had to drive back up to LA, to taking shots of Hennessy, Patron, Grey Goose, and Crown within a short 20 minute span. Everyone in E3 aka Klev, Jenn, Noriza, and April were dousing me with water too! Shit... I had a major headache when I got home. I actually threw up in the parking lot of Jack in the Box all by myself before I got back on the freeway to LA. Kinda sad... But I felt like a new man afterwards. HAHA

Time to continue the party in LA. I headed back to the LA apartment to pick up Mark Marcelo, who I haven't seen since Friday morning, probably the longest we've been apart in over 4 months. No homo. But we headed out to Guys & Dolls for the weekly Sunday event ft. DJ Orator. The place was ridiculously crackin' for MLK Sunday. Columbus Short and Ne-Yo were both in the house along with so many beautiful ladies. Ratio at Guys & Dolls is always at least 5 to 1. =) I was falling in love every 5 girls... HAHA! I think I've developed a thing for Black girls since I've moved up to LA. ;) HOLLA! We didn't end up staying the entire night, just made our rounds and say hi to folks. Who wants to come to Guys & Dolls on this Sunday before we head out to New York on Monday?

Photos via: Ollie

House in Menorca by Dom Arquitectura

I like straight lines...

CLICK HERE to read the full article about the House in Menorca by Dom Arquitectura.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R&R: Rhythm & Recreation with Stay Fresh!

[Friday, January 15th] I headed back down to San Diego on Friday for our bi-monthly R&R: Rhythm & Recreation event. Stay Fresh (OC/LA) was coming to takeover San Diego along with Chris Cruz, Wally (Orisue), DJ Zeb, and the rest of their crew. We also celebrated the birthday of Christine Kim. I was super excited about seeing familiar faces including UrbanFX OGs. Since my camera is still getting repaired I had to steal a few photos from Facebook.

I love this photo! Champagne + sparkler + lollipop = Fun times! Happy birthday Christank!
UrbanFX OGs: Jimrod x Alfredo x Charm x Vince... I can't wait until we celebrate D's "Dirty Thirty" birthday at the next R&R on Friday, February 5th. Its gonna be an UrbanFX reunion!
Shout out to Chris Cruz, Wally, and the rest of the Stay Fresh crew!
Photo booth pictures will be uploaded soon to Thanks for coming out!

Thanks for the pictures Archie!