Friday, January 22, 2010

Mink Mondays ft. Lisa!

[Monday, January 18th] I know Mondays are usually tough for most since its the start of the new work week, but I actually look forward to it because of Mink Mondays ft. Lisa! We've had Korean BBQ, Kogi Tacos, and this week we're having Steak & Risotto. =)

No heels this time... HAHA! ;)
Mink Mondays: Lisa aka @bigotwiteez x Mink aka @minkdeville
Chachy is a happy boy because he gets to come home from a long day at work to have 2 hot ladies (and 2 hot boys) to make him dinner! HAHA
Tell me that doesn't look like some 5 star restaurant meal... Yum!
We're one big happy family! =)
Check out the keys we got for our chefs: Mink aka Leopard from the Zoo Crew & Jenny Ting Ting aka Mulan from Disney.
People have been getting a little upset that they haven't been invited to dinner, but I mean its really open to everyone, so come over! Just give me a heads up!

See you guys at the Grand Opening of Bar Delux tonight in Hollywood!