Friday, January 22, 2010

"These streets will make you feel brand new..."

The weekend is here and its about to be non-stop mayhem until we leave for New York on Monday morning. I am super excited because I haven't been back to New York in a few months and I love seeing the East Coast fam. I am not looking forward to the weather however, but I guess its not that different from what SoCal is like right now.

Tonight I'll be at Bar Delux in Hollywood for the Grand Opening. Then its back to San Diego in Saturday morning for a meeting for Body Rock and Victory, followed by a birthday dinner, and fun times at Confidential for all the January birthdays. Confidential is gonna be crackin' tomorrow!

On Sunday, An Diep aka Mom will be coming up to LA with me to visit my new place for the first time. I'm excited for her to see how I'm living, plus she's cooking! =) HAHA We're ending, wait actually we're not sleeping, but we're gonna mob to Guys & Dolls and party until we have to get on our 7am flight to New York!

I can already hear "Empire State of Mind" playing in my head... Can't wait! New York here we come!

I love these photos I took in New York back in 2008.


Anonymous said...

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