Wednesday, January 20, 2010

J.E.T.S. = Journey Ends This Sunday... Chargers!

[Sunday, January 17th] Sunday was seriously an exhausting day that started off in San Diego at 8am at Qualcomm Stadium for the Chargers vs. Jets playoff game. Followed by the drive back up to Los Angeles for Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood. It was a 19 hour roller coaster ride of emotions filled with tons of unhealthy food, alcohol, friends, and driving.

Let's not talk about the game... So disappointed! I'm still in disbelief. But it was a great season, just wish it would have ended the way I had envisioned it. =( Anyways, this was the first time in 2 years I didn't have Charger season tickets. I miss the whole Sunday game day experience. Especially the tailgating part because its like a reunion, you never know who you're gonna run into.

Alvin with his little heart attacks in a blanket... Bacon wrapped piggies in a blanket.
Last time I saw Chris Penny was at the game wearing his infamous ripped jeans. I love this guy... I also love the other guy in the picture aka Ollie aka BFF!
2 of my favorite white boys ever in life: Chris Penny x Justin Mann. I remember us always hanging out on Donaker Street back in our middle school days. Damn, I miss those days!
Pillow Biters: Alex x Jason x Brandon
Its a Black Mountain Middle School reunion!
Wildgirlz: Verna x Rhoda
Charger Snuggies!?
Mt. Carmel High School! Aww... I was really happy to see everyone! 143!
Game time...
Sad times... Thanks to section D4 & E3 for getting me drunk. I got so much shit from everyone sitting near me in the first quarter because I kept on dozing off. Funny thing is, by the 4th quarter, everyone who was giving me shit earlier was so drunk they couldn't even stay awake either.

I went from not drink since I had to drive back up to LA, to taking shots of Hennessy, Patron, Grey Goose, and Crown within a short 20 minute span. Everyone in E3 aka Klev, Jenn, Noriza, and April were dousing me with water too! Shit... I had a major headache when I got home. I actually threw up in the parking lot of Jack in the Box all by myself before I got back on the freeway to LA. Kinda sad... But I felt like a new man afterwards. HAHA

Time to continue the party in LA. I headed back to the LA apartment to pick up Mark Marcelo, who I haven't seen since Friday morning, probably the longest we've been apart in over 4 months. No homo. But we headed out to Guys & Dolls for the weekly Sunday event ft. DJ Orator. The place was ridiculously crackin' for MLK Sunday. Columbus Short and Ne-Yo were both in the house along with so many beautiful ladies. Ratio at Guys & Dolls is always at least 5 to 1. =) I was falling in love every 5 girls... HAHA! I think I've developed a thing for Black girls since I've moved up to LA. ;) HOLLA! We didn't end up staying the entire night, just made our rounds and say hi to folks. Who wants to come to Guys & Dolls on this Sunday before we head out to New York on Monday?

Photos via: Ollie


Law said...

Ollie got some great photos!
Love his post treatment.

Was he shooting film?

Hannah said...

COLUMBUS SHORT?! You did not even tell me this!!!! OMG I knew I shouldve gone to LA Sunday... AHHHHH!!!