Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R&R: Rhythm & Recreation with Stay Fresh!

[Friday, January 15th] I headed back down to San Diego on Friday for our bi-monthly R&R: Rhythm & Recreation event. Stay Fresh (OC/LA) was coming to takeover San Diego along with Chris Cruz, Wally (Orisue), DJ Zeb, and the rest of their crew. We also celebrated the birthday of Christine Kim. I was super excited about seeing familiar faces including UrbanFX OGs. Since my camera is still getting repaired I had to steal a few photos from Facebook.

I love this photo! Champagne + sparkler + lollipop = Fun times! Happy birthday Christank!
UrbanFX OGs: Jimrod x Alfredo x Charm x Vince... I can't wait until we celebrate D's "Dirty Thirty" birthday at the next R&R on Friday, February 5th. Its gonna be an UrbanFX reunion!
Shout out to Chris Cruz, Wally, and the rest of the Stay Fresh crew!
Photo booth pictures will be uploaded soon to http://www.rnrsd.com. Thanks for coming out!

Thanks for the pictures Archie!


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