Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crown at Crown

I'm currently at Chachy's condo in North Hollywood recovering from the madness of last night. I just woke up from a nap and LA is on fire! WTF?  Although we're safe from the fires, I hear the there are some freeway are closed and I'm sure there's tons of traffic.  So I guess we'll be chillin' indoors until we head out to House of Blues on Sunset for the Q-Tip, Cool Kids, and Pac Div concert tonight.  I thought I'd do some blogging while I'm just chillin' at the condo.  

CLICK HERE to see all the photos from my adventures in Hollywood.

I got up to LA late Thursday night to meet up with Chachy aka Mark and Melissa.  The three of us headed to Crown on Santa Monica Blvd for the Burton party.  The place was crackin' with beautiful people.  Even Misha Barton (The OC) and Shia LeBeouf (Transformers Movie) were there too.  There were tons of industry folks there...

Shots of crown at Crown!
TK x Jessica
TK x Ben (Hundreds) x Peter (Puma)
Ben x Jesse of Dub Frequency
Chachy making new friends as always... HAHA!
It was off to Denny's afterwards for some Moons Over My Hammies!  HOLLA!
Its just the beginning of another crazy weekend...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Short: Splat!

Director & Photographer: Toe-Knee Nguyen
Actor: Chris Ocampo
Light Artist: Annabelle Ramos & Terry Kang

Dom Kennedy x Pac Div x Carter

Shout out to Dom Kennedy and Carter... Check out their video: "Everybody Knows Us". Jessica has a cameo appearance too! HAHA

CLICK HERE to download "Everyone Knows Us".


I woke up Sunday morning at 9AM to meet up with the homies to head down to the Q for the Charger game.  I was still half asleep...  Our first stop was Vons to pick up all the necessary tailgating essentials.  We ran into the Wife aka Jamie aka PnaiBootie in the aisles while we were there.  

Are you cheating on me?  HAHA 
Once we got down to the Q, we roamed around to visit other friends who were also tailgating before the game... The Wildboyz love Margie and Nidah!  I don't know why I'm posed like that... HAHA

De Car Tour!? HAHA  Josephine x Alvin x Margie x Nidah
Alvin x Kathleen use to date in 7th grade... HAHA  So nice!
Welcome to the Q!
On our way to our seats I saw a guy wearing Uggs... WTF!?  That is a fashion no no for sure!
The View 20 Crew!

It was a close game that came down to the last play but the Chargers were able to pull off the ugly WIN!  We'll take it... Thank you!

Hardcore Charger fans...
Afterwards it back to the parking lot where Mike Stacks did some more grillin'.  
Chris Penny with his lucky pants!
Once we got back to PQ, a few of us meet up to watch a movie at Edwards Mira Mesa.  We ran into Luke (Leo's younger brother)... Damn!  You guys are twins now!  HAHA
You know you're buff when you wear just a wife beater under a zip up hoodie... HAHA
Unfortunately I was so tired I slept the entire time... What a waste of a ticket!

Happy Birthday Shalihe & Anabel!

Saturday was an eventful day that started off with Leo purchasing his new Dodge Charger (sitting on 22" rims... Gotta throw that out there. HAHA). Afterwards it was off to the Santos household for Shalihe's "21st" birthday for dinner and a movie.  Dinner was Japanese themed and the movie was "Get Smart".  Both were really good!
Here's my Boo aka Anne cookin' my meat!  Thanks Shorty!  ;)
Happy Birthday Shalihe!  We love you!!!
All of Shalihe's friends and family listening to Willy's speech... Awww!  So nice!
They're expecting their first child in just a few weeks... I'm gonna be an uncle!  HAHA
There was also a Street Fight II Tournament at the house too.  The finals came down to Freddy and Ojay...
Freddy was victorious!  "Always bet on BLACK!" -Westley Snipes
Dante always has the party crackin'!
At around 12:15AM Leo was still down to go out so him, Kimtan, Alvin and I headed down to Modus in Bankers Hill to celebrate Anabel's birthday!

Here's our favorite DJ aka Mr. Mention fka DJ Bluballz.
Happy Birthday Anabel!
Anabel x TK x Sheryl
Natalie showing off her new Hello Kitty iPhone case... Its alright!  HAHA
It was a reunion at Modus.  I ran into my childhood friends Khai and Tan.  We were all neighbors back in the day.  Miss these guys!  Stay out of trouble!!!
Doy aka Drunk Boy x Mihan
I took a snap shot of Eugene bustin' in a freestyle circle.  Nice job buddy!
Leo x Ron
Afterwards we dropped by my old house aka Bumsville in Downtown to visit the girls.  Scott (One People Project) was chillin' at the house too.  We hung out, shared a few laughs, told a few stories, and headed home around 3AM.
Fun times!!!  I love it!

Son of Ran x Messangers x DJ Virus

Check out this video from our past Exclusive event at Onyx & Thin featuring Son of Ran and DJ Virus...
Much love to the entire crew! Thanks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You Blends!

Thank you to my friends at Blends Costa Mesa and San Diego for the shoes!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sittin' on 22" rims!

We woke up early Saturday morning from another intoxicating night out in the streets of Downtown.  We had a slumber party at my house with Leo, Alvin, Verna, Cathy, and myself.  We started off our day with some hash brown burritos at Cotijas for breakfast. 

Alvin was still hurting from last night... Poor guy!
Leo was ready for his first burrito in 10 months... 
Then Ollie and Kimtan joined us to head down to Pearson Ford where we spent most of our afternoon.
We made a quick pit stop at 7-11 for some Slurpees on the Prince!
Tristan (Pearson Ford) had Leo's car waiting for us in the lot... Here it is before the 22" rims.
While at the dealership we ran into Kimbo Slice aka Isiah Johnson... HAHA
We were all there to show our support for Leo. I even lend him a helping hand... HAHA
"You can have whatever you like..." - T.I.
Thanks to Tristan for taking care of us and more importantly Leo.  Congrats Leo on your 2008 Dodge Charger sittin' on 22"s.  Holla!
If anyone is looking for a new Ford or any used cars let me know because Tristan will take care of you!