Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Alive!

Hey everyone!

Anyone still visit my blog?  Just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive!  I know I haven't blogged in a month but I do want to get back into it.  I've been really busy w/ Victory & school.  

Speaking of school... I actually have a 6-8 page paper to write before my class at 6PM tonight.  I am such a procrastinator!  I only have 3 more classes, which meets every thursday, before I'm done w/ my first class at University of Phoenix.  

Then Myster and I are going to Hawaii from August 17th - 22nd.  Our hotel is a block away from Waikki Beach.   I can't wait to go snorkeling!  Myster and I are gonna go to Boarders or Barnes this week to flip through the travel books to plan our vacation.  Only a month away!

This Friday at Heat we're having a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  We'll be accepting donations and a portion of the door will be donated to this wonderful organization.  We have a few birthdays in the house and all the VIP tables have been sold!  So come through and party for a good cause!  Its gonna be a mini MCHS reunion this Friday... All the ladies of Jamboree will be in the house!  HAHA

Once again.... I apologize for the lack of updates but check back regularly b/c I'll be update my blog!

FYI: Victory Nightlife's photo gallery has been updated with photos from July 3rd's Club Massive @ House of Blues and Whiteout @ Heat Supper Club.  Visit

We got lots of events coming up soon!!!

Here are a few random pictures from my iPhone:

An Diep aka my Mom can't drive... WTF?
TJ's POV from our July 4th BBQ @ Ollie's



The *NEW* Myster skateboard decks just arrived at the SHOP!
Have a nice day!  Anyone going to RED C LOUNGE tonight for Ron aka Bluballz?  Hit me up... I got class till 10PM.