Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm 24!!!

THANK YOU everyone for all the wonderful birthday calls, text messages, myspace messages, emails, etc... I can't believe I'm 24 years old. I remember growing up imagining where I'd be when I'm 24... Lets just say its not what I expected.

[ ] Married... but I have been in a loving 7 year relationship w/ Myster
[ ] Job... I work as an event coordinator for Victory Nightlife
[ ] House... I have a nice room... HAHA

Its not quite the same life I imagined for myself when I was younger but its not too far off... HAHA But I am happy and thats all that really matters! =)

Anyways, I spent all afternoon from 3:30 - 9PM in meetings on my birthday. I can't believe how many events we have lined up for this weekend... I just added another one to the line up too but I'll tell you about it later... Its going to be another exciting but long weekend.

Myster and the rest of the Wildboyz family threw a little birthday dinner for me after the Purple Haze basketball game at Apple Bees. Thanks guys...
I love CHEEZ ITS... Thanks Lagunas!
Look at George... He looks like a baby!
Wait... I gotta make a wish... I wish...
Thats hella candles... I had to make sure the hat doesn't catch on fire.
Yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone... Cookies & Cream is my favorite!!!
Hi Cecile!
Short Friends!
Freddy & I have a picture like this outside of Mira Mesa's Ice Skating Arena in 7th grade.
I definitely didn't expect all that but thank you... You guys know how to make someone feel special! If you want to see the rest of the pictures from Apple Bees... CLICK HERE!

Although I have probably one of the busiest weeks of my life... I came home to an awesome birthday surprise. I'M GOING TO THE MTV: MOVIE AWARDS hosted by Sarah Silverman on Sunday!!! Althea and I got our confirmation emails from one of my friends who's the casting director for the Movie Awards Seat Fillers. HAHA Our duties as an official seat filler is to fill in for celebrities when they leave their seats. That way the audience always looks full... I'm excited! Hopefully you'll see me sitting next to Beyonce, Jessica Alba, or even Diddy. I'm gonna try to roll up on stage as part of their entourage. HAHA
I don't know if I'll be able to hang this weekend with all thats already going on... MADNESS!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever...

I haven't been keeping up w/ my blog because I've been "working" on organizing all of our upcoming events. Friday I was at Heat Supper Club for ReLoaded Fridays. Yes... Its every FRIDAY! FYI. HAHA It didn't get crackin' till about 11:30PM... We had a continuous flow of traffic going in and out the entire night. The crowd was really diverse, which is always great... I know our usuals were holding off for the big Massive on Sunday. Overall, it was another great night!

Sunday's Club Massive @ House of Blues was crackin'!!! Memorial Day Weekend has always been a good weekend for us... Its typically our second best event @ HOB next to our Sold Out Halloween events. Plus, Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of Summer and its for always for my birthday!!! HAHA

It was a pretty hectic night! I was at HOB from 6:30PM - 2AM... 7.5 hours! We worked directly with HOB's new Venue Director for the first time so we were still getting use to each other and it was a learning experience. In addition, we teamed up w/ Visionshock SD so our staff doubled for the night. But everything went pretty smooth for the most part. I didn't get to party until after Culture Shock and UrbanFX performed, which was around midnight... But after that it got CRAZY!

VIP Lounge brought to you by the Wildboyz...
Thanks MYRON for pouring me my first drink...
Fellow birthday boy and cousin from LA... MIKE! Hi Anna!
Moe looks like a crazy gremlin here! HAHA
Consensus Entertainment coordinators Jen & Anna and Eddie... DRUNK!
Nice candid of the Mr. & Mrs. Gonzales
I saw so many people I haven't seen in a while... I wish I could have taken more pictures but I was kinda drunk... HAHA At one point I was on stage pouring vodka directly into peoples mouths. I was thinking... Eww there are so many germs on this bottle! HAHA I ended up getting 3 bottles and let me tell you bottles at HOB aren't cheap... My bar tab including the food was almost $1,200.

Anyways... I remember being drunk and throwing up outside of House of Blues. Luckily we had our own hotel rooms two blocks up at the Sheraton. Here are pictures that I don't remember....

I heard Alvin was putting cheese from the VIP lounge into his pockets to eat after... STRANGE!
Thanks Sister Bear for the hotel rooms... I still owe you!
Beginning of KJ's photo shoot
Myspace default.... HAHA
So '99
Cutest Couple '07
Thanks KJ for taking care of me! HAHA
Pooh C..... CAT!
Show me your player pose...
Happy Birthday to ME! My legs look extra long in this picture...
TT Stomp
The Prince
So I woke up the next morning like "Where the F*** am I?" I was so lost... I looked to my left and there was Myster in my arms, a Jumbo Jack from Jack In The Box, and the toilet. My pillow was two stacked towels, but we had the nice blanket. It wasn't that bad actually except for the hard as tile floor. Thanks for keeping me company Myster...

I later found out that people were using the bathroom as I laid paralyzed on the floor... Guys and girls... GROSS!

Mr. Myron Marten from 21XL... THANKS!
Hotel Survivors
Thanks to Myron and Jaycee for coming down from LA. 143!
I know lots of you took pictures too... I wanna see them! Thanks everyone for coming out... I had so much fun! Definitely a birthday to remember! I appreciate all the wonderful birthday wishes... Thanks to the hotel crew for taking care of a drunk 6'3" Viet.

See all the pictures on my flicker... CLICK HERE!

Well tomorrow is my real birthday and I'll be busy all day. I have 4 meetings:
3:30 - Mike from Heat Supper Club
4:00 - Secret meeting for an upcoming venue... =)
6:00 - Body Rock meeting
7:00 - Victory Nightlife meeting

This week is going to be crazier than last week... Special Thanks to Myron & Jaycee (Events Company/21XL), Paul the Promoter and Visionshock SD, Ryan (Trapone), Manny (BabeBlvd), Shannon and the HOB staff, UrbanFX, Culture Shock, the Wildboyz, Bluballz, Mass Appeal DJs, Mindz Alike, and most importantly our Victory staff and family. 143!!!