Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are you serious LIL MAMA!?

WTF? Seriously... seriously? This is too much... HAHA!
Go vote for Beat Freaks, Boxcuttahz, and TM!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

Check out the new Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li movie trailer on the Segue Mag blog. I love Chun Li but I love Kristin Kreuk even more! That's wifey material right there!

I'm not too sure about the movie but at least you'll get to stare at Kristin Kreuk on a 30 foot movie screen for two hours. Not bad! HAHA.

$150 on a Wednesday!?

On Wednesday, I spent the day at 5&A Dime.  I had a heart to heart with Jay (5&A Dime), which almost brought us to tears.  HAHA.  It was an inspiring talk that pushes me to keep grindin' and hustlin'.  Thanks Jay!

That night a few of us headed out to El Dorado to meet up with Vince and his cousins.  I ended up running to Shane (Wave House).  I miss that guy!  We ended up doing a few rounds and playing some pool.  I spent $150 at the bar... On a Wednesday!  WTF!?  That just means I gotta hustle harder...
Tristan (Virgin America) x Meghan (Party Animal)... HAHA!
Meghan and I challenged Trapse and Karl to a game of pool.  Losers have to buy the winners a shot!  Thanks guys!  HAHA
I guess Meghan's shutter is messed up but this picture actually came out pretty cool.  Vince x Beast!  Beast is Vince's cousin from Toronto who was leaving to go back home the next day.  Hope you had fun in SD bro!
Photos courtesy of Meghan aka Meh Meh

Friday, January 16, 2009

Motown Philly Back Again!

I got up before 9AM everyday this week.  Partly because my sleeping habits are all out of sync.  I haven't really been sleeping.  Instead, I've been taking periodic naps throughout the day and night.  I've managed to be really productive though this week, since I have a crazy week coming up full of events for ASR/Agenda.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Thursday.

I've cruised over to the Grubbery in Sabre Springs twice this week for breakfast.  Check out this tasty breakfast bagel I had on Tuesday.
I'm getting hungry just lookin' at these pictures!  
On Thursday, Flo, Steven, Tristan, and I grabbed food at the Grubbery.  Steven (TAA) loves his chocolate twist... So he got 2!  You skinny fat kid!
Same with Flo (5&A Dime)... 2 chocolate covered donuts!
I spent my Thursday afternoon going in and out of meetings in Downtown.  After I was done, I headed to the Boyz II Men concert at House of Blues.  Yeah, I said Boyz II Men!  I didn't even know they were still touring.  I ended up rollin' out to HOB with Edwin, Erwin, and Tristan to meet up with the rest of the girls, who were out enjoying SD Restaurant week.  It was weird at first rollin' to a Boyz II Men concert with 3 other dudes.  HAHA

The place was so packed!  It was a sold out event!  The crowd was so diverse.  I loved it!  There were all kinds of people there, and everyone knew all the words to the songs.
BOYZ II MEN is the shit!
Suz x Josie x Cecile x Rhoda x Jenny x TK
The crowd was lovin' it and so was I!  One of the most fun concerts I've been to.
I also ran into Steve, who I haven't seen since high school.  His girlfriend was nice enough to buy us a round of shots.  Thanks!
Here's Roger (Bartender) and Josephine were dancing behind the bar!  Get it girl!
My favorites! =)
After being serenaded by Boyz II Men, we headed to El Dorado Cocktail Lounge on Broadway and 11th... again.  I was just there on Wednesday.  Jenn ended up meeting up afterwards for a few drinks.  There weren't many people there, but it was cool to just chill out.
Pizza break at Broadway Pizza.  I love Pizza!
Willie x Krystal x TK
Rosanne x Iron Mike
Torin is always blazin' the dance floor... 
I ended up crashing at Edwin and Erwin's apartment that night.  We all headed to Cafe 222 for breakfast in the morning.  It was another beautiful day in Souther California!
I love starting off my day with fresh squeezed Orange Juice... and Edwin (Segue)! BHAHA
Eggs Benedict!
Check out Annabelle's sad face and Erwin mean muggin'!  HAHA
2nd and Island.
I was just in Chicago last week, were it was 23 degrees. Damn thats way too cold! I love Southern California because its been 80 degrees the past few days. Doesn't get any better than that! I love SD!

LV Damier Graphite Canvas Collection

I love the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas collection.  I just recently got the Damier Graphite card holder for Christmas.  Since my goal is to step up my game in 2009, I'm going to start off by picking up this LV Keepall Bandouliere aka duffle bag, which retails for $1,270.  When?  I don't know, I still gotta do a bit more saving.  HAHA.  In the words of Edwin (Segue), "Its timeless."
Check out the rest of their collections... I want it all!

That shit is hard son!  No homo.

The Agenda Trade Show Party @ HOB

I know you've all seen the crazy line up of events that I have for the Action Sports Retail/Agenda  trade show next week.  The madness starts on Wednesday and doesn't end until Saturday.  

Bam (Hellz Bellz) just sent me the flyer for our Agenda Trade Show Party at House of Blues with Crooks & Castles and Hellz Bellz next Thursday (1/22). You know its going to be fun and of course crackin'!!!

Start spreading the word and please repost on your blogs, myspace, and facebook accounts.

Discounted presale tickets available on Ticketmaster soon...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

[SD] ASR/Agenda (01/21 - 01/24) Preview

More info and flyers coming soon... Get ready because you knows its going to be NUTS!

Wednesday, January 21st
Segue Mag presents The Set Up (Pre-ASR/Agenda)

923 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

Thursday, January 22nd
Crooks & Castle, Hellz Bellz, and Agenda presents the Official Agenda Party

House of Blues - San Diego
1055 5th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, January 23rd
Dub Frequency, Diamond Supply, and DVS host Thin & Onyx
Live performance by Pac Div and more...

Thin & Onyx
852 5th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

Saturday, January 24th
Alphanumeric and 5&A Dime host Thin & Onyx

Thin & Onyx
852 5th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

I might be hosting the Agenda After Party on Saturday at the W Hotel too but thats still in the works...  Gotta stay grindin' and hustlin' baby!

[LA] Sunday: Creme de la Creme @ the Standard

I'll be here this Sunday with the LA/OC fam. Who else is down? Make sure you send in your RSVP to

Alvinism 698: The Pyramids

Here's another blog recap from our Egypt Trip by Alvin aka Alvinisms.

"Oh my God. I can't believe we're here."

-Alvinism, Toe-Knee, and Richard's first words upon arriving at the Pyramids.

Did you know: The second pyramid looks bigger but its actually not, its just built on higher land.

Thought of the day: Do you remember the days when you only had 35 pictures on your camera and on top of that you didn't know if the first and last one counted? Dang, now we got DSLRs and Point N Shoots galore where we can pretty much shoot our whole lives and then go back to find which money shot we want.

It makes you appreciate your old printed photos a lot more that you've kept for so long cuz they make you happy. I have shoe boxes full of photos that mean so much to me and I also have an external hard drive from the past like 3 years full of photos. It's time to clean out my closet.

Food for thought:

Hella bread, bacon, eggs, bacon and cheese for breakfast. Oh, and TK's patented fresh squeezed OJ every morning on trips. What a way to start the day!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Yes we started many of our morning w/ some fresh squeezed OJ, its TK's staple.

Being in here we didn't feel like we were in Egypt, Tee said it felt like he was in Indiana Jones.

Nice people, good grub, decent prices. I'd come back.

This is what our backyard looked like during the day.

The frontyard.

We had this place called "Drinkies" that sould this bottle of vodka for $7. Time to go to the pyramids!!!

You can never go wrong w/ pizza.

You can just see the devil horns coming out.

You gots to be more excited than that!

Rhadma was an awesome tour guide that let us cut the info and take more pictures. Thanks!

"Look mom! It's just like the picture!"

Insert quote of the day here.

Can you believe I'm sitting on the GREAT PYRAMID!!!

But Egypt can be a lonely place.

This is a scene from Aladdin.

Taking it in.

Here we are at the entrance of the Great Pyramid of King Khafre.

We're waiting for our camel.

I'm feeling the $7 vodka!

I still can't believe we were there.

Wildboyz a little tipsy.

Cameras & camels...who woulda thunk?

Hella concentration to get the right lens on.

The second pyramid was once covered in limestone but was taken away by priests who used it to build other temples.

I better see this on the website Ian!

The world was spinning.

TK and his camel guide, Couzi.

Yeah, its pretty GREAT.

The next Pharaoh.

Shooting away as usual. We have over 4,000 and I'm still trying to cut it down to this day.

This picture is rad.

Oh shit, I don't think the camel like paparazzi!

I made it!

The fact that "Mohammad is the most common name in the world" didn't make sense to me till I got to Egypt. This is like the 4th Mohammad I met.

I'm pretty sure one of these guys was named Mohammad too. Ha!

We're having soooo much fun being buzzed, on a camel, in Egypt, at the pyramids!

This is another wallpaper status picture.

This picture pretty much says it all.

Tally ho!

I was so comfortable riding a camel I tried rode it Superman style.

Check out the ass.

I even flipped a bitch and rode it backward while it was running.

Look ma, no hands!

Thanks guys, and no we won't tell.

The Great Sphinx.

It's a lot smaller than you think. But its still awesome.

All the pictures and things culminate to this.

Now that's a broken nose.

Another view.

After we were taken on a demonstration to see how papyrus was made and painted on.

It was pretty sick to see how ancient people came up w/ these techniques.

We went back to the room to read up...or down. And rest before hitting the city.

After a nap we went meandering around the city and found these.

An awesome fruit market! Pretty colors everywhere!

The streets are alive.

Yeah, it was pretty amazing.

You don't see this in the middle of the street in downtown SD.

It's better to be friends w/ the man w/ the knife than his enemy.
Oh what Egyptian food to pick.

This is fuul. It's one of there staples.

We had to find an Ahwa to smoke a hookah at cuz that's what they pretty much do all day.

When in Rome...

Wait...Try again TK.



Of course Rich was pro status all ready.

Who remembers, BIOYA? Blow it out your ass!

Rich looks like a cartoon raging bull.

This was the BOSS of the street. He had the most money I've seen in Egypt.

Making friends.

Family business. Thanks for jamming to tunes and talking w/ us.

TK didn't try all the local foods, but he try to work all the local jobs. Here he is serving, shai, which means tea. They drink it all day, everywhere, no matter what! More adventures to come. Hope you're living vicariouly through the pictures cuz it was awesome!

Thanks Alvin!