Friday, June 12, 2009

[Sun] Lucky Strike @ the Block w/ 21XL

Sunday night I meet up with Myron Marten and the rest of the 21XL fam at Lucky Strike at the Block before heading back down to SD. Its probably the nicest bowling alley I've ever been too. 1/2 appetizers, 1/2 select drinks, $1 bowling, $1 shoes = Fun Times! We ended the night with a round of bowling, which I lead the entire way, but ended up choking on the 10th frame and losing to Mica (21XL)! So sad... It still hurts!

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Started off the night with 1/2 appetizers!
It looks like DJ Justyle's arm is dislocated at the elbow... Strange!
Trace Nova showing off her 5 lbs. ball! Thats cute! HAHA
Marcus showing off his sexy pose...
I love you, DJ Zeb (Stay Fresh)!
No homo!
Damn in heels? Thats sexy! HAHA
I like this pictures because the lights look like hearts! Once again, no homo!
21XL in the building!
RockitDanger aka Jan (21XL)!
Only 2 pins left Jayarr (21XL)... You can do it!
It came down to the 10th and final frame between Jayarr, Mica, and myself. I was last so I knew what I had to do... I usually work well under pressure!

My first attempt looked so promising because it was straight down the middle. I swear it was going to be strike, but I spoke to soon and there were still 2 pins left standing. All I had to do was knock them down for the spare and I'll get another chance... Thats when I chocked... Gutter ball! WTF?!
Jayarr and Mica's scores are on the other screen... I ended with a 136! =(
I want a rematch!
Thanks for the fun times 21XL!
It was a short and sweet trip to LA... Fun times! I'll be back soon!

[Sun] Relaxing day in North Hollywood

Sunday was a relaxing day spent in North Hollywood that started off with lunch at Tony Roma's, running through water fountains, catching the first half of Up, watching The Hangover at AMC City Walk, dinner at Pit Fire, and watching Game 2 of the NBA finals. Fun times!

Simply put The Hangover was the funniest movie I've seen all year! Its definitely worth watching, so if you haven't seen it yet, you should! It made me totally want to go to Vegas... Who's down!?

Stu: “She is wearing my grandmother’s Holocaust ring.”
Alan: “I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.”

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Sat] Rishi's Birthday @ Mood

Last Saturday I headed up to LA for the first time in weeks. Since I missed Rishi's Slumdog Millionaire Birthday Extravaganza at Highlands the night before, I thought I'd make it up to him. I meet up at the Standard in Downtown LA with Destiny, Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike), Ben Wang (Clae), and Chris Josel (Ludwig).

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The actor who played BIG in the movie Notorious was at the rooftop party too.
We ended up leaving to grab Japanese food in Little Tokyo. I love crunchy rolls!
Then it was back to the Standard where we chilled out for a minute in one of the suites.
Ben and I headed back to North Hollywood to rest up before heading out to Usual Suspects one night event at Mood. When we got there the place was crackin'! Brandy (Moesha), Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard), and Chrystina (Girlicious) were next to us in our VIP area. Everyone was still talking about the madness from Highlands. Rishi, the birthday boy had to be wheel chaired out of the venue. Damn!
Originally my goal was to get Rishi drunk for his birthday but since he was still hurting from the night before he couldn't drink at all...
Tiff x Mariane x Jason (not pictured), who are all from the Bay, ended up coming out with us too!
Jane x TK
Although I wasn't able to get Rishi to drink... At least I got him with the signature move! Happy birthday Rishi!
Indo (HIN) x Jackie (DBR)
Kris Saradpon (Formality Alumni) was also in Hollywood celebrating a friends birthday!
DJ John Magic x DJ C-LA
I wish I would have taken more pictures but I didn't. I spent most of the night just chillin' and catching up with the LA fam. What started off as a chill night though, quickly turned into lots of dancing, laughing, and fun times once Melissa came through to meet up. We ended the night at Thai Patio... Yummy!

Congratulations Demi aka Stinky!

Andrew x Demi x Denzel x Toe-Knee = Family =)

I've got lots of updating to do to the blog. Here's a picture from earlier this morning at my cousin Demi's 8th grade promotion. Congratulations! More photos to come...

Nap time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wale performing live in San Diego!

I'm proud to announce that Victory Nightlife and Armory Massive is bringing Wale to San Diego on Friday, June 19th at Thin/Onyx! Its gonna be crazy! I can't wait...

You've probably already heard his hit "Chillin" featuring Lady Gaga all over the radio, if not here you go:
This event will reach capacity!


I often find myself browsing through images on FFFFOUND! finding tons of awesome photos and sayings, most of which are nice and sentimental! Here are a few good ones I came across!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Fri] Exclusive @ Thin/Onyx

This past Friday, Victory Nightlife hosted our bi-monthly Exclusive event at Thin/Onyx. We had the place crackin' by 11PM with quite a few birthday celebrants. I heard we were the busiest spot in Downtown SD... Thank you to everyone that came out! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and can't wait to see you at our next event, which happens to be this Friday at the Grand Opening of R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Sway Nightclub inside the Keating Hotel.

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It was great to catch up with you ladies: Shannon x Diana... Cross your fingers for me! HAHA
Jenn (Birthay Girl) x Roach brought there entire entourage of ladies from the OC down to celebrate Jenn's birthday by crackin' bottles in VIP. Happy birthday!!! (P.S. I hate that reflective curtain)
I tried not to drink but its hard when so many people offer to buy you drinks... I couldn't say no to another Nguyen aka Thuy! Thanks for the drink! Patron time!!!
Happy 21st birthday Brandon (5&A Dime) aka Brandeezy! Welcome to the Good Life!
edROC (Mindz Alike) x Steven (TAA)
Why does everyone insist on buying me Patron? Geez, thanks Michelle! HAHA
Check Jimmy Cao aka the Pri(Workshop) trying to pop a bottle of champagne for his girlfriend and birthday girl, Nicole! Happy birthday!!!
Scott (OPP) x Jessica x Mikey
Jenn x edRoc promoting World Peace!
We had DJ Big Willie Style (not pictured) x DJ Teknikscian keeping the party live throughout the night!
Aww... I've known April since our days of dancing on Formality and NYR back in 2002. Always a pleasure April!
Mira Mesa in the building!
Jenn x Roach x TK... Damn, more Patron!? FML!
We had at least 3 girls throw up inside the club... WTF? At least you know they had a good time... HAHA!
Mike aka Teknikscian x Rochelle aka Roach = Booed Up! HAHA
Thanks again everyone for coming out! I'm excited for the Summer! Remember Victory Nightlife Friday's locked down at Thin/Onyx (1st & 3rd) x Sway (2nd & 4th)! Lets make it happen!