Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making Movies at Industry!

[Thursday, March 18th] I rolled out to the Opening of Industry Thursdays hosted by JL to star in their "movie." Spot was crackin' with bottle poppers, beautiful ladies, and wannabe strippers on the pole. I finally reunited with Katrina (Clippers) after a few month hiatus... Time to party!

Shout out to all the usual suspects in the building! Thanks JL!

I want...

Dior Homme Spring 2010 High Stop Sneakers

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wildlife: St. Patrick's Day at Shortstop!

[Wednesday, March 17th] The Wildlife gang was back at it for our every other Wednesday jump off at Shortstop in Echo Park. Its the best Wednesday party in LA because not only is there no cover, no dress code, cheap drinks, but you have people from all walks of life bumpin' and grindin' to all to the same music. Plus, you can always count on some R. Kelly being played at Shortstop. HAHA

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Shortstop.

3 of my favorite DJs and all around awesome people in LA! Follow them: @thediscovietnam x @djladysha x @markmarcelo
@minkdeville (Crooks & Castles) is alright too, follow here if you want, but be careful because she's hood!
Special thanks to Raph (Denim Doctor) for taking care of my A.P.C. jeans.
@_patlam (SoReal Cru) & @krystlecruz came through before Shortstop to check out the LA crib after she picked him up from LAX. Welcome back to Socal bro! Good to see you both in LA!
@xjomox x Alison Cruz aka Friend chillin' in the booth... Can't wait to see your photos from your DSLR bro! Hurry up and blog it!
Mark Marcelo hit them early with that Mack 10, "Fo' Life" and "Backyard Boogie"!
"Free Gucci"
I love seeing @jessantoine out & about in LA! When's our next sushi double date? ;)
Tweet of the night goes to @jolienguyen (center): "Friends don't let friends dance with ugly guys!" HAHA
"Free Hugs"
@imchach (Comedy Store) is forever the ultimate party boy... 143!
Don't be shy Pat, we all know you can break it down!
The dance floor was crackin'!
@delpearson x @britneygale (Boom Kitty) finally took some time away from the recording studio to come have a drink for St. Patty's Day.
I'll have to admit, even I can't hang with Valerie & Sammy...
These two are straight up party animals...
Who both don't give a f**k! HAHA
Happy birthday to the Major of Oceanside aka @jonlego!
@nerandhas x @holland_smith (Karmaloop)
The bar was crackin'!
Always a hater!
Ateliers Arthur Fall 2010 coming soon!
I bet you guys didn't know there's a secret hidden VIP room at Shortstop, actually I didn't even know either until Wednesday. HAHA
Fun times!
LA's own @theemikeb closed out the night with some early 2000s head bangers.
Don't forget about my close friend since 2nd grade and host for the evening aka @722figueroa aka Josel.
Afterwards people headed back to our spot, where Mink cooked up some quesadillas using the most random ingredients, but somehow she makes it work. Shit was the bomb!
Make sure you follow @alexanderspit (the Hundreds) too.
Make sure to come back in two weeks on Wednesday, March 31st for the next Wildlife: No Rules Dance party hosted by the Disco Vietnam and the 722 Figueroa Showroom.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look out weekend... Here I come!

[SD - Friday, March 19th] R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx for the Fusion Dance Competition Pre-Party.

[SD - Saturday, March 20th] Saturday at Confidential is Classified™ featuring DJ Von Kiss.

[LA - Saturday, March 20th] The Playmore Group, Collective, and JL Production present Juicy Saturdays at Villa in West Hollywood.

See you there!

Mink + Mark Mondays: Guest Blog by Mink

[Monday, March 15th] As you most may already know, Mink Monday's are not made possible without doing the 'deed' in heels. My philosophy: the sexier the shoes, the better the food. Check these bad boys out.
I was fortunate to have my best friend Alice help me prep the food although she was burnt toast from her trip in Jamaica. :*)
Tarynn making the salad. Vodka and cola were not included, folks.
We must always take our stomach warm-up shot before we feast. Mama Mink says so!
My little babies, Sammy and Valerie getting it in.
Poppin' these suckers in oven hell.And voila!

Salad: romaine lettuce tossed in rasberry vinaigrette, topped with crumbled feta cheese and walnuts (courtesy of Tarynn aka female TK)
Brushetta: brushed with extra virgin olive oil and vermouth, toasted garlic, red onion, parmesan and chopped basil, topped with fresh tomatoes. (made by moi)
Pasta: linguine lightly cooked in olive oil, garlic, parsley and clam and sprinkled with shredded parmesan. The best muthafxxkin' clam linguine ever. (compliments to the chef of the evening... Mark Marcelo)
You can close your mouths now...The Bay was in the house... What up Dom x Alexander Spit x Arwa x Macy x Tarynn.
Taking birthday shots for Arwa (center, white t-shirt)
We got so turned on by the food, Mark... now come ova here...

No empty shot glasses.... not here, not ever.
We then hopped over to the Dime right across Supreme on Fairfax to celebrate my homegirl Leslie's birthday. I was excited to see the turntable stylings of our LA's biggest DJs: Thee Mike B., Hoff, Kiilu Grand, and Tendaji Lathan. TK fell asleep on the way, of course, heavily induced with mad food coma.
My Bay Area loves: TK and Alex Spit.TK even parties in his sleep... it's remarkable! There is no stopping for this dude.
Andddddd he is always photo-ready.
I guess it's hard to keep up when you're always surrounded by females.
Elizabeth, she was my Dakota Fanning for the night.
Neran and his homie girl, Jennifer outside the Dime.
Me and TK found a new "setting" to make our photos like this.
Bootsy, lmao... funny stories about this guy...
So me and TK were car-less. I hopped in, what I call the FIRST TIME I ever been in, a cab in L.A. #dudewherewasmycar
Turns out me and TK were also CASH-less.
But good friends will never let you down... ;) Thank you for the drinks + lift.
We snuck in a club during its last 15 minutes so I know exactly what song I was turning it on to. Usher - There Goes My Baaaby.
As we were exiting, Hollywood got all crazy hood when someone pulled out a gun. Everyone was freaking out, even TK threw me back inside the club. Those bacon hot dog vendors peeled out hella fast with those carts too when Riot police showed up.
But you know my hard ass wanted to get in on it. Peep me in the middle in the red. -_- I asked them to take me and TK home but no luck......
Till next time. Ciao xo. Mink

CLICK HERE for more photos from Mink Mondays.