Monday, March 15, 2010

Siren Assassins x Haute

[Wednesday, March 10th] I headed to the sold out Siren Assassins show at Avalon along with Neran on Wednesday. Thanks to LeeJ (Beat Freaks) and Sthanlee (Pacific Rim) for the VIP wristband. I've seen the posters for the show but I wasn't sure what to expect. Rhapsody James, the artistic director and choreographer, described it as a Pussy Cat Dolls meets Kill Bill with a storyline centered around 12 femme fatales. It was incredible! Loved it! Really glad I got the opportunity to check it out because it was the first time the show was in LA.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Wednesday night.

They had assigned table seating for all the VIPs on the floor.
I love the girl in the middle, not sure who she is, but she killed it!
Of course we all know who this is, Rino aka Jade of the Siren Assassins. They got a standing ovation from the audience. Rino's performance even brought Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) to tears! It was that good...
Check out Rino as Jade along with her ninjas, JP San Pedro, Lyle Beniga, Joesar, and others... Awesome job!

Sthanlee (Pacific Rim) x JD (the LXD) x TK
Introducing the cast of Siren Assassins...
Rhapsody James
Why are you always flickin' off the camera Jenny? SMH!
I love Maryss from Paris!
The one and only Phelx (Floss Angeles)!
Teresa was seriously buggin' out about Rino's performance. It was so funny she started crying... HAHA!
Beat Freaks!
Originally I was gonna try to head over to Drai's at the new W Hotel in Hollywood, but I heard the cops shut it down because it was so crazy outside. So I head over to Haute for the Usual Suspects new Wednesday night hot spot. I never get to see the USLA fam anymore because everyone's busy hustlin' away. Glad to see everyone for a bit... 143 637!
Aww this is a nice picture of Mink and I!
Neran and I reunited with our 3rd Las Vegas partner in crime aka Taryn (RVCA).
Neran really got a bucket of beer... HAHA!
Rishi (USLA) x Maxine
Thanks to Rishi and Chief for all the drinks... I think they had me drinking Patron, Hennessy, and Vodka. Why!?
Even Meagan Good was in the house!
Finally, after weeks of text messaging one another, we were all finally reunited, and oh boy, it felt so good! HAHA Neran x Indo (Muse LA) x TK
I love how there's always something to do in LA!