Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Bam!

[Friday, March 12th] We celebrated Bethner aka Bamski aka Small Wonder aka Smallie Biggs aka Bam's birthday at Hyde along with the Collective and JL this past weekend. It was f**kin' crackin'! It was like we were all at XS again in Vegas... Everyone was there!

Did you know Bam was one of the original Victory Entertainment DJs back in 1999? HAHA I remember going to Cane's in Mission Beach when I was 18 years old and he would be spinnin' there. Damn, that was a lot time ago! Anyways...

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Hyde.

Shit was crackin'!
Jenny Kita x Jino (Hellz) posted up in the VIP.
Shout out to the Collective: Arsen x Bee Nguyen x Doug Wu
C.Gat aka Cris Gatdula and the rest of the Jabbawockeez just came back from being in the Philippines for a month. Welcome back!

Brittney (Hellz) x C.Gat (Jabbawockeez)
Aww... This is a cute picture of Bamski & Miss Lawn. Love you both!

The Communist are in the building son!
Jazzy (Mosley Tribe) x Michelle (Crooks) x Sunny (Android)
Crooks x Hellz went through 7 bottles of Patron... DAMN!

I love candid moments... Mink x Lanie
Alexis (TM7) x Jenny Kita... For some reason I have to say Jenny Kita's full name or it doesn't sound right, kinda like Mark Marcelo. It just flows...
This is what it feels like to be stuck inside a can of sardines.
Crooks x Hellz: Emil x Dennis x Bam x Luda

I think Lanie wins the award for "Time of my Life!" I felt like we were celebrating her birthday for a minute... HAHA!
Where's the after-party at?
Tofu House! See you there...

Oh by the way, I was lovin' everyone's tweets at the end of the night! Shit was hilarious, especially the ones about Lanie pulled over on the side of the road while her husband is throwing up, but she's too busy tweeting. HAHA Fun night! Thanks guys! Happy birthday Bam!

What an epic night!?