Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Korean BBQ x House Party x Guys & Dolls

[Sunday, March 14th] After another successful night at Confidential, it was back to LA for Dana Moore's (Nike) surprise house party in Mid-City followed by Guys & Dolls. Before leaving SD, Mark Marcelo (Victory) and I meet up with Tresha aka B and Meghan aka Meh Meh for Korean BBQ to do some much needed catching up.

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We spent half of lunching hearing about Meghan's story about how she beat some b*tches ass in North Park. HAHA Straight comedy!
I love me some bulgogi! =)
You know I had to keep it OG with the dolsot bibimbap!
After lunch we jetted back up to LA so Mark Marcelo could DJ Dana's house party along with other well-known LA DJs. The party was a straight backyard boogie, they had the BBQ grill going, beer & liquor everywhere, and lots of familiar LA faces. Once Mark got on the tables everyone started dancing... Good shit Mark!
Damn, I am getting kinda hungry!
Unfortunately the cops came and we had to move the party inside, but thats when everyone started gettin' down! I felt like I was in college all over again with the DJ set up in the living room. HAHA
Lisa x Mink aka "the hater"!
Shantel x Alice
Happpy Birthday Dana! I promise one day I'll send you all of our photos! HAHA
Mink acting like she knows what she's doing. Don't let her do it Mark!
I think Mink killed the party... SMH!
Then it was off to Guys & Dolls with Britney (Boom Kitty) to meet up with Macy x Dom x Arwa x Fran from the Bay to celebrate Arwa's birthday! We goin' in!
Damn, JL always keeps it crackin'!
They recently installed a stripper pole above the VIP area... Thank you! ;)
If you come to Guys & Dolls, bottle poppin' is a must!
Britany came up on some $$$ after someone was making it rain... Get it girl, we using it for dinner! HAHA
Britney x TK
SF: Arwa x Dom x Mega (Black Scale)
Even Cuba Gooding Jr. was lovin' all the beautiful ladies! HAHA
We hit up Jerry's next door after Guys & Dolls for a late night meal with the SF homies reppin' HUF x Black Scale. We were wildin' out at the restaurant... I think everyone was on a good one to say the least.
I don't even know what were doing at Jerry's for so long but we didn't even leave until almost 4AM. Party party party, lets all get wasted! Thanks again to JL Production and everyone else at Guys & Dolls. See you guys next Sunday!