Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 9 Memories from 2009!

Happy New Year! I've been so busy preparing for our HOB Block Party: NYE 2010 that I didn't get a chance to reflect back on 2009. Here are my Top 9 memories from 2009 (in no particular order):

1. [Egypt] After wild n' out last year for NYE, I immediately hopped on a plane to Egypt on the 1st with Richard and Alvin flying 1st class. Definitely the best way to start off a new year...

Blog recaps:
Hot Air Balloon - aka the most romantic thing I've done with men! HAHA

2. [Mammoth] I went snowboarding for the first time ever in Mammoth with the Usual Suspects fam. We gotta do this again... Soon! Who's down?

Mammoth Blog Recap

3. [Las Vegas - Slightly Dangerous] We had all of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego mob out to Las Vegas for our 5 party tour. I was happy to have the Wildboyz & Victory family all together in Sin City. What a weekend... Lets go back again soon! =)

Day 1: Rain @ the Palms
Day 2: Palms Pool x Tao x XS
Day 3: Lavo
Day 4: Wynn Buffet

FYI: I still don't know who that girl who jumped into the picture is... HAHA!

4. [My Birthday at House of Blues] I spent Memorial Day weekend in LA/SD with the Beat Freaks (ABDC). We topped off the weekend at House of Blues for my 26th birthday with a special performance by the Beat Freaks, Strikers All-Stars, and Choreo Cookies. Plus, best of all I got a birthday kiss from Maryss from Paris! =)

5. [New York] After going to New York 7 times in 2008, I only got a chance to revisit the East Coast once in 2009, but it was by far the most fun I've had in NYC. I was able to make tons of new connections, I got booked for a photo shoot, I shopped till I dropped, partied and danced the nights away with close friends. I'll be back in New York January 25th - February 2nd... I can't wait!

Day 1: Staples x Airwalk
Day 2: Foundation Showroom x 10 Deep
Day 3: $1,000 Spending Spree
Day 4: SoBe Fridays x Santos House Party
Day 5: LES
Day 6: 10 Deep Photo Shoot
Day 7 & 8: 36 Hour Hostage Situation at JFK

We hit up the Halal Cart on 53rd & 6th almost every night... So good!

6. [Drew's Going Away] Before Drew aka my brother left to San Francisco for SFSU in August, we threw him a house party at Rhea's house. If you didn't know, most of the Wildboyz and our younger brothers aka the Brothers all hang out. It was seriously all family just raging away! HAHA

The Nguyen Brothers: Drew x TK

7. [Body Rock 2009] After months of planning, the 10th Annual Body Rock Dance Competition was a tremendous success. Although I no longer dance, I love still being able to be apart of the scene and continue to see it grow. I was able to spend time with Kaba at the after party, The Company in Mission Beach, and So Real Cru at Midget Land (yes, it really exist)! It was an awesome weekend surrounded by so many talented dancers, all for the love of dance and hip-hop!

8. [Kristin Kruk] I never actually got a chance to blog about the time I met Kristin Kreuk at Enterprise Rental Car in Hollywood, but if you follow me on Twitter (@tk_nguyen) then you heard about it. I've never been so nervous to talk to someone before. She's so beautiful! I think I'll have to blog about it soon...

Here's the stalker picture that I snapped of her since I didn't want to be creepy and ask her. HAHA!

9. [The New LA Crib] After about a year of going back and forth from LA to SD, I finally have my own place to call home! This is just the beginning! Look out soon for our upcoming MTV: Cribs episode...

Happy New Year! I'm ready for 2010... Lets make it happen!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

BYE BYE 2009!

Happy New Year everyone! See you all at House of Blues tonight!

Download: Hellz-a-Poppin' New Years

DJ Lady Sha, who spun at our recent Lights Out event at the Room, has teamed up with Hellz Bellz to release a New Years Jump Off mix. DJ Lady Sha is killin' it! By far one of my top female DJs giving these other suckas a run for their money.

The year is quickly swindling down, and the excitement of 2010 is starting to take over everyone’s thoughts. Thoughts like: What will the new decade bring? Will I be as broke as last year? and: Am I going to lose my celibacy this year? You know, the important stuff. This past holiday season, Indie Pop, DJ Elle, along with Hellz gave you an incredibly special Christmas gift in the form of fabulous mixtape that got nothing but positive reviews…Now, since 2009 is only one day away from ending, the lovely, wonderful DJ Lady Sha presents to you:

Hot Butter Volume 3: Hellz-a-Poppin’ New Years Jump Off!

Download the mix by clicking

Happy Holiday from Victory Nightlife!

[Saturday, December 26th] After spending quality time with the family for Christmas, it was time to head out to the Victory Holiday Party at Confidential. We started the night early with bottles of champagne, rounds of appetizers, and several main courses.

Thank you to the entire Victory Nightlife staff, friends, and family for making 2009 a very memorable year. Over the past few years, I must say that this group has been the closes and the most fun! We appreciate everyone's continuous support through the year and look forward to taking Victory to the next level in 2010. Lets make it happen!

Victory Nightlife 2009
Kev (FYS) is such a gentlemen... I'm a bit jealous! ;)
I love this photo!
Thanks to Darren and the staff at Confidential for taking such great care of us.
Saturdays at Confidential are Classified™.
Scotty x Maria aka Kris
Confidential is the perfect happy hour/dinner spot for all occasions! The food is absolutely delicious, plus their presentation is amazing too!
Aww... Check out this romanic candid I snapped of Stephine and Wylie in the patio.
Hannah x Kaye x Noelle x Nancy
Thanks Rochelle aka Roach for joining us for dinner. I'm glad we finally got a chance to catch up.
DJ Mahjestik (Z90.3)
Tresha aka B x Alison aka Friend x Christine aka Gama
TK x Lora (plus a cameo from Angie Girl)
Jen x Ian (Crowd Creators)
Happy birthday Amanda Hurley!
Scott (OPP) x Rhea x Peter (Incase)
Dancing dancing dancing!
Tricia x Mirabel x TK
6 Footers aka TAA
TK x Gamalinda
Who gave Joe too many drinks? This fool was straight drunk wild n out! HAHA
Gian (5&A Dime) x Kaye
Thanks to everyone for coming out to support!
Alfredo x Harold
Look out for DJ Julz in 2010! He's coming out with a mixtape... Right Julz!?
Phil x Jenny aka Ms. China '07
Swear Boyz
My cousin Mike (SF) x Alison
The one and only DJ Mark Marcelo!
Lets get ready for 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want a new Carl's Jr. Grilled Chicken Salads!

Movie Trailer: The Karate Kid (2010)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanks to the Beat Freaks!

Thanks to LeeJ and the Beat Freaks family for their holiday greeting card... I love it! Miss you guys and can't wait to see what you guys have in store for 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Year...

Last year's New Years Eve pre-party was straight bananas! If you don't remember check the video above! This year I'm staying at the new Se Hotel next door to House of Blues because not only is it a much nicer hotel, but I'm actually still banned from the Marriott Courtyard for my wild shenanigans. HAHA

Don't forget tickets for our House of Blues Block Party: NYE 2010 are still available for ONLY $20! Its the guaranteed best ticket in town, not only is it only $20, but it includes:
+ Access to 3 rooms of DJs and performances
+ Pre-sale Ticket Line Bypass
+ Catered H'orderve Buffet
+ Professional Photo Session
+ Midnight Champagne Toast
+ $1,000 Cash Balloon Drop

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets from or just go to one of our ticket outlets.
CLICK HERE for more information about NYE 2010 at House of Blues.

I want to work for Electronic Arts!

[Wednesday, Decmeber 23rd] I headed to Electronic Arts (makers of Madden, Fight Night, Sims, etc.) headquarters in LA with Allen Palos (Usual Suspects) last Wednesday. I was all excited as if I were a 7 year old heading to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. Thanks Allen & Louis (EA)!

It was video game heaven there... There were gaming stations everywhere! I wish we could have gotten a more in depth tour but we were all there to pick up some video games so we headed straight to the EA store.
Look at all these games! All the console games were only $20 and their PC/Mac games were only $10! Time to get some Christmas gifts... HAHA!
I was like a kid in a candy store... I was about to make it rain!
We even bought games we normally wouldn't but since they were only $20... Why not!?
It was then off to the Shack for lunch with Mary Anne x Joe x Allen x Louis.
The Shack Burger included sausages inside... No homo!
We spent our entire lunch talking about video games... I felt like a little kid again!
This is probably not a good thing... There goes my productivity! HAHA
Thanks again guys! My little cousins are gonna love their Christmas gifts! HAHA