Thursday, December 31, 2009

Download: Hellz-a-Poppin' New Years

DJ Lady Sha, who spun at our recent Lights Out event at the Room, has teamed up with Hellz Bellz to release a New Years Jump Off mix. DJ Lady Sha is killin' it! By far one of my top female DJs giving these other suckas a run for their money.

The year is quickly swindling down, and the excitement of 2010 is starting to take over everyone’s thoughts. Thoughts like: What will the new decade bring? Will I be as broke as last year? and: Am I going to lose my celibacy this year? You know, the important stuff. This past holiday season, Indie Pop, DJ Elle, along with Hellz gave you an incredibly special Christmas gift in the form of fabulous mixtape that got nothing but positive reviews…Now, since 2009 is only one day away from ending, the lovely, wonderful DJ Lady Sha presents to you:

Hot Butter Volume 3: Hellz-a-Poppin’ New Years Jump Off!

Download the mix by clicking