Friday, May 29, 2009

[Fri] The Beat Freaks x Hellz Bellz

Friday was a relaxing day. Just chilled, ate, talked, hung out, and chilled some more. I was feeling the effects from Thursday night at Level 3 still. That night, Leo and I headed out to Highlands to play host to the Beat Freaks (ABDC). We decided to take it easy and pretty much stayed sober. While I was there I was wondering why everyone was coming up and wishing me "Happy Birthday!" I found out later that Myron was telling everyone it was my birthday party! HAHA.

I was planning to leave Highlands early and heading to Stone Rose for "Peer Pressure" hosted by the Collective and Hellz Bellz but we just ended up meeting up with Hellz afterwards in K Town for some karaoke action.

CLICK HERE to see photos from Highlands on Friday.

World of Dance Tripod Reunion: TK x Stacey x Myron
The Beat Freaks are here!
Damn Shorty is one hyper girl... She was wild n out backstage!
Myron and I have hard jobs... HAHA!
Jon Magic (CC) x Loriane x Chef (USLA) x Abel
Hi Maryss!
Go Rino!
Shorty bustin' her endless headspins...

Melissa's bgirl pose! HAHA
LA Family: 21XL x Usual Suspects
World of Dance Family... Thanks for coming out everyone! I love see you all!
TK x Maryss... I think I love her! HAHA
Myron x TK x Indo (HIN)
Rino's number 1 fan aka Melissa Reign!
TK x Teresa Espinosa x Leo... I spy a Hellz x Stussy tee!
Open up LeeJ (BF Manager)... HAHA
Damn it...
Hi Sister aka Twee (Cockstar)!
Vanessa Valdez singing on the mic!
These girls were crazy... "How old are you?" HAHA
Everyone still Jerkin' from last night!
We meet up with the Hellz Bellz fam afterwards for the after party in K-Town for some karaoke, food, and drinks! The spot was kinda sketchy at first but we got our own room and chilled until 4AM.

Miss Lawn x Bam x Mink x Jino x Jessica
Jasmine (Mosley Tribe) was killin' it on the mic, singing both Korean and Japanese songs. It was sexy... HAHA!
I have no idea what Bam and I are doing here but I think I'm hypnotized... HAHA
Even Ben Wang (Clae), whose not Korean... HAHA, did a duet with Mink (Hellz)!
We ended the night with Jino's amazing rendition of Radiohead's, "I'm a creep! I'm a weirdo!"
Thanks again to Jino and the Hellz fam for taking care of the tab. Fun times... Maybe I'll drive up tonight to meet you guys in K-Town after R&R at Sway. HAHA

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Weekend Events: Friday & Saturday

[Friday] R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Sway Niteclub inside the Keating Hotel.

I'll be having my 26th birthday dinner at 8PM at the Merk (next door). I'd love to see you all there! If you haven't RSVP yet, don't worry its still not too late. Just text me or email or just show up at 8PM... Thanks!

If you plan on coming for the soft opening of R&R please RSVP at Free before 11PM. Please dress to impress: No baggy clothes or sports attire.

CLICK HERE for more information about dinner.

[Saturday] Soulstice IV @ U-31 with Mindz Alike x Victory Nightlife.
Its my actual birthday so its going to be crackin'!

See you there!

[Thu] Level 3 featuring the New Boyz

After the Laker game I took Myron (21XL) to his event at Level 3. They had the New Boyz performing their hit single, "You're a Jerk!" I still don't know how to jerk but its supposedly the new dance... Anyways, I was originally planning to stay just for a bit and head to Opera but Myron and Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) were on a mission to get me drunk so I didn't left. Mission complete. HAHA

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Thursday.

I hate/love Patron!
1 of 3 double shots of Patron... WTF was I thinking!?
Rock It Danger aka Jan (21XL) on the mic!
TK x New Boyz
Melissa Reign (Babe Blvd) x TK
They got the entire place jerkin' once they performed their hit "You're a Jerk!"

TK x Mica (21XL)
Lydia Peak (Boxcuttahz) x Wobz (TM)
The reason why I didn't leave... Chris Cruz x Myron! I hate you guys!
DJ Zeb (Stay Fresh) on the tables!
Myster-E x Jo Koy x Myron Marten x Allan
Fun times... Great seeing everyone!

[Thu] Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 2

Thursday I headed up to LA to watch Game 2 of the Lakers vs. Nuggets series with Myron Marten (21XL). I got premier seating in the VIP area thanks to Mark Contreras! Traffic on my way up was horrible... Luckily we only missed part of the first quarter. Since we were both starving we ate at the VIP buffet while watching the rest of the first half.

The Beat Freaks were also performing for half time as well. It was the first day of my weekend with the Beat Freaks! Awesome job ladies!

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Thursday.

VIP buffet time!

PR 17 Row 7 Seat 5

Get ready for the Beat Freaks...

Shorty head spinnin'...
TK x Arnel (BF Manager) x Myron
My date... :)
Top Gun's Iceman x Maverick... HAHA
Will Farrell
The game came down to the last play of the game but unfortunately the Lakers lost... I think I'm bad luck!

Time to head to Level 3 to see the New Boyz performing live with 21XL... You're a Jerk!