Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday at Confidential is Classified™

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Saturday is Confidential's weekly concept party featuring a lineup of forward-thinking hip-hop/R&B/dance DJs and artists. Classified features Confidential's award winning style and renowned happy-hour transitioning to music with visuals from featured motion graphic artists and photographers.

Music with:
• DJ Dopeshoes (Homegrown Blends)
• DJ Mark Marcelo (Shortstop LA, Bar Delux,

Celebrating the birthdays of:
• Leandrei Santos
• Phil Duong
• Donna Relieve
• Cecile Nguyen
• Maihan Mansury
• Jenny Ly
• Anthony Ruba

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Belvedere IX Event at Teddy's

[Sunday, February 28th] After another weekend of successful events in SD, I headed back up to LA for the Belvedere IX event at Teddy's inside the Roosevelt Hotel. Since Teddy's is such an exclusive venue, I was excited to check it out for the first time. I knew it was about to be one of those nights because they put Bee Nguyen (Hot Air), Neran Dhas, and Mik's (Passport) VIP tables all next to one another. Not a good idea... SMH. HAHA!

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Thanks to Kenny Mac we were poppin' bottles of Belevedere IX all night!
We're in need of a LOHS reunion ladies!
Rhea x Jenilee
The girls were getting crazy in the VIP including this girl... SMH!
I don't smoke, but apparently everyone else does, because our entire VIP areas looked like this thanks to Neran. I seriously couldn't breath... SMH!
Shout out to Chris Resto doing big things in LA!
Mik and the rest of us were all singing along to classic Biggie hits!
The big bro, Bee Nguyen, and his lady friends always up in VIP.
I spy Peter Benedicto (Incase)! I miss this guy!
Wait are those... Oh, nevermind they're Belvedere IX Lollipops!? HAHA
TK x Talia Sunset
Hollywood Holt x Ibn Jasper x Neran. Looks like Hollywood Holt, Neran, and I are gonna head to Miami for the WMC in March. SMH to that too! HAHA
Talia... SMH!
This picture turned out crazy, but I like it!
DJ Quix x DJ Lady Sha
I lost count of how many IX bottles we went through... SMH!
Here comes another bottle... SMH!
A few of us ended the night at Kitchen 24 with a mini version of the After School Special, actually Talia and I just split it so they put it in this baby bowl. HAHA
It was a night of debauchery with lots of SMH moments... HAHA! Its always nice to mix it up with LA's go-getters... Keeps me motivated. Gotta stay hustlin'!

Blends 5 Year Photo Booth by Razo

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R&R Photo Booth & RSVP!

CLICK HERE to RSVP for R&R: Rhythm & Recreation at Thin/Onyx.This week we welcome DJ Izzace from San Francisco for a live video set alongside DJ Edroc!

Ace White better known as DJ IZZACE has moved crowds all over the West Coast. A San Francisco resident, he has graced our ears for the past decade thru mobile gigs with his group the COAdjs (Center of Attraction) and now as of late thru clubs all over the Bay Area with his new found crew Boogie Events Company. His style reflects the area he was brought up in, smooth blends mixed with sexy beats are a staple of his brand.

“On Deck” a mixtape series known for the newest in Hip Hop and R&B has been working its way in the cd and mp3 players of many listeners in the world for the past 6 years. With appearance from artist like Johnta Austin, Mya, Janet Jackson, Ryan Leslie, Musiq Soulchild and Manny Pacquio, the On Deck series will stay consistent for years to come.

CLICK HERE to download "On Deck Vol. 7" by DJ Izzace

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