Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jomo: Blends 5 Year Anniversary @ El Dorado

Blends San Diego was celebrating it's 5th anniversary. It can be tough to stay up in the economy these days, but Blends shows longevity by remaining true to its simple, clean, and creative aesthetic. Congratulations to the entire Blends crew and a special birthday shoutout to Edwin Negado! The turnout was awesome dude.

Props to
Brand-EZ for some of these pictures and also birthday boy Guil for snapping some aerial shots. Screw the captions. All you need to know is the following:
edROC, Julz, and Mark Marcelo providing the jams, TK on the mic
-Mules, Red Stripe, Henn/Jack shots, champagne, and tall Natty Ices
-Shot glasses, pins, and sneaker giveaways courtesy of Blends and Converse
-White buffalo head
-Blends SD/CM x 5&A Dime x Mindzalike x Wildboyz x EOC x FYS x TAA x Outsiders BMX

San Diego, home of La Fachada and good times.