Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carnival: Choreographers Ball at Avalon

[Wednesday, February 24th] For 11 years Carnival: Choreographers Ball has been a monthly showcase spotlighting the dance industry's top choreographers and dancers. I use to wish I could perform there... You never know maybe I'll make a come back. HAHA Carnival has recently partnered up with World of Dance to upgraded from the Key Club to their new home at Avalon. Although, I've always wanted to go, this was actually my first time! Plus, I had to come out to support Dave & Myron's (WOD | 21XL) new venture with Carnival.

I rolled up rockin' my new Clae: Thompsons... So fresh and so clean!
The only reason why I hate going to Avalon is because they rape you for $20 to park in their lot. SMH! Damn, $20 to park on a Wednesday!? Anyways, I meet up with Shaun Evaristo & Aimee (Movement Lifestyle) before heading in. Thanks to my partner (in life), Myron Marten for taking care of us as always.
When I walked in, I felt like I just stepped foot on the set of "You Got Served"! I loved it! The energy was incredible and to see everyone coming together for the love of dance was amazing. It made me miss dancing... =(
We got to enjoy the awesome show from the VIP balcony. Shout out to the fellas from Ring Masters (ABDC) reppin' Brooklyn because they put on the craziest and most entertaining performance. I can't find it on YouTube, but if I do I'll repost it! Sh*t was straight bananas!
Harajuku Girl, Jenny Kita aka "Angel"
Welcome back from Europe JD (right)! He'll be performing at the Oscars this Sunday along with LXD... I can't wait to see that!
Mami (We Are Heroes) x Dashaun (Vogue Evolution)
World of Dance Owners: Dave Gonzales x Myron Marten
Japan is in the building! Rino (Beat Freaks) x Mami... HAHA!
Mink (Crooks) x Taryn aka TK (RVCA)
Check out Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) gettin' down in the open cypher. FYI: She's coming over to cook Spaghetti this Sunday for our Oscar's party. Who wants to come over?
I ended the night at Kitchen 24 choppin' down with Jenny Kita, Shaun Evaristo, and Aimee.
It was great to be surrounded by so many talented individuals. I'll be at the next Carnival so I'll see you there! Fun times!