Monday, March 1, 2010


[Wednesday, February 24th] Samantha aka Sammie aka Sosupersam brought Mark Marcel and I to her Vietnamese spot in Silverlake, Pho Cafe. They ended up treating me out for my graduation... Aww! 143! Lets not get "murked". HAHA!

Since Sammie lives just a few minutes away, we're gonna start exploring the Silverlake/Echo Park area for some hidden gems. Plus, we need to have more of these creative brainstorming sessions. Its ironic because the entire time we were all discussing what our future plans were. Then I opened up my fortune cookie...

Thank you!

Oh yeah, the Vietnamese food at Pho Cafe was good too! I didn't try the pho but I did have vermicelli noodles with BBQ pork, which I loved! Good pick Sam!