Thursday, March 4, 2010

Februrary 27th is Classified™

[Saturday, February 27th] This was the first consecutive Saturday we had Classified at Confidential. Since it was a rainy night, I thought it was gonna be a slower night, but we ended up selling out all 9 tables, poppin' bottles of champagne and Remy Martin VSOP, getting down to DJ Raichous and Mark Marcelo, eating desserts, and making memories! HAHA It turned out to be one of our best nights... Thanks to all the celebrants: Adda Wong, Jessica Moreno, Anjelica "Jeli" Wilson, Twinkle Toledo, & others!

Its gonna get even crazier this Saturday because the Wildboyz & the Brothers are coming through to celebrate 6 birthdays... Yes, I said 6 birthdays! We've got the entire upstairs closed off and you know we're going in! HAHA Trust me, it'll be crackin'!

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Congrats to the bachelorette!
DJ Raichous (RRS Feed)
Mikey & Destiny will be celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary on March 13th at Confidential!
Happy birthday Jeli! =)

OMG is that baby Verna? SMH.

I think that's Jessica's signature pose! I love it! HAHA

They taught me how to dance when I was only 15 years old... UrbanFX 4 Life!
Congrats on the promotion Adda!

Resident DJ Mark Marcelo in the mix every Saturday!
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If you have a birthday or any other special occasion you want to celebrate, let me know and we'll help you plan it so you just gotta worry about doing the partying!