Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome to My House!

[Tuesday, October 13th] I was asked to co-host Bread & Butter at My House (Hollywood) this past Tuesday alongside JL Production and the Collective. If you haven't been there on a Tuesday you're missing out! Despite the rain, it was crackin' by 11pm with a red carpet and paparazzi outside for actress/model Lisa Raye's (Player's Club) birthday celebration.

CLICK HERE to view photos from My House!

Some of my favorite people from SD x OC came up for the night! 143!
We went through 3 bottles of Belvedere in our VIP area. All of which was on the house! Holla!
The Wildgirlz were in the building: Rose x Cheryl
Jamie x Sheryl x Alison... It feels like its been forever! =)
Aww... Shaun Evaristo & Aimee are to cute! Glad we all got to hang out and have a drink before you left to teach in Amsterdam and Korea. We need to link up when you get back from overseas my friends. Have fun and safe travels!
Zoo Crew in full force: Mink aka Leopard x Misa Campo aka Lynx x Mark Marcelo aka Squirrel x Talia Sunset aka Lion x TK aka Gekko... SMH!
Happy birthday Lynette (21XL)! You know how we do... You should be use to it by now Lynette! HAHA
James aka Crazy Guy x Mark aka Chach x Toe-Knee aka TK... Only 2 more weeks James!
Jaz (Mosley Tribe) aka My Asian Pop Princess... HAHA!
Jelynn x T Lopez (Cash Money)
Don't be mad Ben Wang (Clae)! HAHA
Doug Wu (Collective) x Tiff x Bee Nguyen (Collective)
Cheryl x Rose x Ron (Wildboyz) x Jelynn x T Lopez x TK
Misa x Talia x Helen... This was the first time I've seen Helen Ly in months! I still have to give you your present! HAHA
Bay Area: Kathleen x April x Tiff x Mariane x Lili (Made) x Aimee
My fellow Vietnamese brother: Bee Nguyen (Hot Air)
Mink (Hellz), I think you're making Chachy jealous back there! HAHA
Shaun Evaristo x Alison Cruz
We capped off a fun filled night at our favorite late night spot Kitchen 24 for their signature After School Special!
Check out these two dorks with their matching glasses! HAHA
Asian princess smiles... Wait, where is your Asian smile Misa?
Ladies: Aimee x Talia x Helen x Misa
Fellas: Mark Marcelo x Shaun Evaristo x TK x Brian
Thank you to everyone that came out to My House! I had a blast doing the electric slide on the dance floor, sippin' on Belvedere all night, meeting new folks, and just mingling with friends.

Special thanks to Doug Wu, Bee Nguyen, Arsen, and Jerry Lorenzo for everything! Lets do it again soon...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Manny Pacquaio x 5&A Dime T-Shirt!

So, as some of you may have noticed we have made it our tradition here at 5&A Dime to create a new t-shirt for each Manny Pacquiao fight. This fight is no exception, so, in anticipation for the Pacquiao/Cotto fight on November 14th we made this evolved version of our earlier Pacman tee. This shirt features Pacman mopping up ghosts from around the globe. You saw him sweep up the Brit, he’s know as the mexi-cutioner, and now he will feast on Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. We hope you enjoy this tee as much as we do.

CLICK HERE to order your Manny Pacquaio x 5&A Dime T-Shirt!

FYI: I'll be hosting a few events out in Las Vegas the week of the Pacquaio fight so get the dates off and meet me in Sin City because its gonna be EPIC!

P.S. I miss the 5&A Dime family! 143!


This Friday, October 16th we've got an All-Star lineup of DJings representing 4 major cities:
+ [SF] DJ Rygar (
+ [LA] Sosupersam (
+ [NY] DJ JayJung (

We will also be celebrating the birthday of Sheryl Samson and friends!

RSVP at (Free admission before 11pm)

Guys & Dolls w/ the Odoms! HAHA

[Sunday, October 11th] It was straight to Guys & Dolls after Paranormal Activity for the weekly jump off at Guys & Dolls. I was excited because a few of the SD friends were coming up to party!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Guys & D0lls.

Lorraine aka @Ellecee32 x TK aka @TKoftheWildboyz
??? x Julia (DeLovely) x Jenilee (DeLovely) x Neran (Diamond)
Melanie x Ben Wang (Clae) x Lex
SD is in the building! Thanks to Angie Girl x Brandon x Jacque for coming up for the night to party with me!

@jacqueborcena: Bomb ass times last night!! LA is on another LEVEL!! Thank u @tkofthewildboyz... Sooo excited for the next adventure!!

Angie Jenkins: Now I know why ur always in la... I had soo much fun last night! There were some dope ass people I meet .. I was all over that mother efer making friends and networking..just how I like it! I loved it so much I slept in the bathroom with my good friend the toilet lol Thanks Tk! Sorry didn't say bye we left hella ya!
Shout out to the Tiff for always coming to support Ben & I... Even though Ben is an asshole! HAHA
Brandon aka @brandonsmithMBA x Jacque aka @jacqueborcena
The newlyweds Lamar Odom (Lakers) x Khloe Kardashian came through to pop bottles in the VIP area. I found out later that its was actually Lorraine who invited her over on twitter! HAHA

@KhloeKardashian: I'm with my hubby... Where can we go in LA on a sunday night?
@Ellecee32: @KhloeKardashian guys and dolls.
@Ellecee32: @KhloeKardashian I'm here too. Can I meet u?

I wonder if they actually came out because of Lorraine's twitter message!? I guess we'll never know! Good job Lorraine! You can forward her my blog on twitter for the pictures! HAHA ;)
I tried getting Lorraine close to the action for a picture but this was as close as we got.
Of course the place was crackin'!
Jenilee x Emily getting down on the dance floor!
Talia x Lorraine x ???
Thanks to the Usual Suspects LA fam and to the SD friends for coming out!
We'll be back at Guys & Dolls this Sunday! Let me know if you want to come through...

Its a Small World After All!

Tilt-shift photography was used to make Disney World look like a miniature toy set…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paranormal Activity at Archlight w/ Usual Suspects

[Sunday, October 11th] Sunday we all mobbed out to the Arclight in Hollywood to finally watch Paranormal Activity. Before the movie we had dinner at 25 Degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel with the Usual Suspects LA. 25 Degrees is known for their burgers and the Entourage photo of the guys in the booth.
Talia Sunset x Misa Campo x Carla aka DJ C-LA x Rishi x Marc
Mark Marcelo x Marc x Abel x My Lover aka Ibay x Lorraine x TK
We took two back to back shots of Hennessy at the bar before heading into the movie.
I've been wanting to see Paranormal Activity to find out what the hype was all about. Overall it was an alright movie. It has its scary moments but its hard to just watch two people on screen the entire time, but I can understand it could mess with peoples minds and make people paranoid when they sleeping. The creepy part is that its filmed in San Diego and it seriously looks like a neighborhood straight out of PQ. Rating: C+
Fun times... Time to head over to Guys & Dolls!

Introducing the Cast of the Green Castle!

For nearly two years I've lived a pretty nomadic lifestyle going back from city to city. Although I've been wanting to buy a place in LA, I still need to get my financial situation organized before doing so. In the mean time, it think its best for me to finally start renting a place. It just so happens that my close friend Anne Marie has a family friend that is trying to rent out their 4 bedroom house in Silver Lake. So I went to take a look at the house this past Sunday with my future roomies:

+ Anne Marie Cotijas aka the Queen
+ Mark Villa aka Chachy aka Man in the Iron Mask
+ Mark Marcelo aka the Musketeer
+ TK Nguyen aka the Jester

The house is unassuming at first glance, but once you walk in, it's very charming and cozy with a welcoming feel. The neighborhood is relatively quiet and the neighbors are nice. Silver Lake is located in between Downtown LA and Hollywood so everything is close by too. The only downer is guest parking... =( Check out the place!

The Living Room:

The Kitchen:
The Backyard:
The Queen's Royal Palace:
The Musketter's Baracks:

The Jester's Quarters:

The Dungeon:
Welcome to the Green Castle:
Cross your fingers for us! Hopefully I'll officially be an LA resident by November 1st!