Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last Sunday, I headed up to UCI to watch Vibe XIV with Tarzan and Anna Sarao.  I remember the first time I performed at VIBE was in 2003.  Its crazy to see how popular/famous some of the dancers in our scene have become because of shows like SYTYCD (Fox) and ABDC (MTV).

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the photos from VIBE.

View from Anna's judges seat... 
Twitch (SYTYCD) was also one of the other judges.  He had tons of fans come up throughout the show to take a picture with him.  If you've never seen Twitch freestyle... Its crazy!
Miguel was also at the show performing with KM Legacy, who was by far the best performance of the night.  Aubrey formerly of Danity Kane was also at the show to support to Miguel.  Everyone loves Miguel!
TK x Myron (21XL) x Miguel... We're just missing KJ in this photo.
Congrats to CADC (1st), Choreo Cookies (2nd), and TM (3rd)!  CADC's show was so hype and entertaining...  Awesome performance!
Clara (Mavyn) x TK.  Clara and Mario, the founders of Mavyn, are moving to Chicago next week.  We're all going to miss you guys and we all wish you the best of luck!  Take care!!!
Afterwards, we headed to Dave n Busterts at the Irvine Spectrum for dinner with a few of the ladies from Mass Appeal.
I miss performing!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Club Massive ft. So Real Cru @ HOB!

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Come check out SO REAL CRU from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season II:

More info coming soon!

Thanks to Ollie (Segue) for designing the flyer.


Source: Hoey Inc.

Happy Birthday Yogi!

I'm flying back to San Diego later this afternoon to host Deco's tonight for Yogi's birthday.  I don't know what I'm suppose to do as a host, but see you there!!!

Saturday: Alphanumeric x 5&A Dime Party

I just woke up in San Jose still hella ignorant from last night.  I touched down in SF at 4PM.  Rygar and I headed straight to the MYX channel studio (filipino network) to meet up with Alex (Alex Retodo Productions), Justin (600 Inc), and Slim from 112.  We ended up chillin' at the studio, eating Togos, and just choppin' it up.  Slim and I got into a heated debate about the Raiders and Chargers.  He's a hardcore Raider fan... Boo!  Anyways, the party last night was crackin' though!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Saturday.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program.  After three nights of straight partying, I woke up bright and early at 9AM.  Once I woke up... I woke up the rest of the house.  HAHA
We all think Jacque's sexy!  Don't feel awkward girl... HAHA
We spent the morning just chillin' in the living room watching videos... Uhhh... Nevermind!  ;)
I headed out to 5&A Dime at 2PM to continue filming for 5DTV.  We headed to the Outsiders x Guttersnipe x 5&A Dime picnic at Embarcadaro.  Check out the Outsiders crew:
Another beautiful day in San Diego...
Anaballz x Zion
After we wrapped up at the picnic, I headed to Neighborhood Burger to eat with a few friends.  I love garlic fries!
We also stopped by the Dime Piece x Miss Wax Sample Sale to interview all the beautiful ladies behind the scenes.  Jenn and Sheryl ended up picking up a few tops from Dime Piece.  Shout out to Ashley x Laura from Dime Piece.
Here's the man behind the camera, Charles.  He's been following me all weekend... Thanks Charles!  Look out for the 5&A Dime video blogs coming soon!
It was non-stop since I woke up at 9AM.  Now its off to Thin to set up for the Alphanumeric party.  Here's Danny and a few of the A# riders at Thin watching a skate video loop.
Mario x Derwin dropped by on their way to another club.  I haven't seen them in years and Derwin is getting married soon!  Congrats bro!
The Cayanan family came through to celebrate Paula's 21st birthday.
Kaylie aka Miss Wax.  Check out her jewelry at
Bert (Upstarts) was spinnin' downstairs at Onyx room.  What up Aly (Alphanumeric)!
I miss these girls: Alysha x Juli x Sarah
Hello ladies!
Uncle Pete (Puma) and I poppin' bottles!  HAHA
Give it to him Lisa!  HAHA.  Check out Mikey's photos from this night here.
Fels doing the signature move Cindy... 
Open up Al...
You too Gelen...
Scott (One People Project) x Lisa Pisa
TK x Natalie
TK x Danny (A#) x Chris (Ivy Hotel) x Iron Mike (Upstarts) x Eddie (Fast Eddie's Garage)
Thanks again to everyone who came out... again!  Its hard to have back to back events, but even harder to do them at the same spot but we were able to pull it off.  Thanks to Danny for organizing the event and the Alphanumeric x 5&A Dime family.  Good times!

Of course everyone ended up at Bumsville afterwards.  We had over 30 people there...  Slumber party!!!  HAHA
The next morning, Sheryl, Alvin, Gelen, and I had breakfast at Extraordinary Desserts.  This photo is magazine quality.  HAHA
ASR/Agenda weekend was WILD!  I can't wait till September to do it all over again... 

It was off to Irvine next to watch VIBE XIV... 

To be continued...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll be in San Francisco today!

I'll be flying out to SF this afternoon to hang out for 24 hours. I get in around 4PM so if you're up to hang out and chill give me a ring. I'm heading out to San Jose at night to watch DJ Rygar open up for Slim of 112. Click here for more info.  

Come join us! It'll be fun times for sure...

I've been to SF a few times and I've yet to see the Full House... House.
Is it cold?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Footage from the dF x Diamond Supply x DVS Party

As mentioned before, it was super packed on both floors and everyone on the bill (Pac Div, Mike B, Sean G, Nicky Savage and Rygar) killed it for us... Happy Birthday to the homie Nick and hope some of you were able to grab a giftbag at the end.

Source: Dub Frequency

Friday: Diamond x DVS Party

I meet up at 5&A Dime in the early afternoon to head to Agenda with Jay (Director) and Charles (Cameraman) to start filming for 5DTV, which is a video blog for the 5&A Dime site.  Charles followed me around as I caused some ruckus at the show with arial assaults and sneak attacks.  You'll see what I'm talking about later...

CLICK HERE to view photos from the Diamond x DVS party.

Here we are at the Hellz Bellz booth at Agenda.  Be on the look out for the upcoming Hellz line and their recent collaboration with Stussy.
This is pretty sick...
If you came out on Friday to the Diamond x DVS party, I hope you left with a gift bag!
DJ Julz (Mindz Alike) spinnin' at the DC x UNKLDouble Label release at 5&A Dime.
It was a full day that started off at 9AM and didn't end until 4AM.  I was back at the club by 8:30PM getting ready for the Diamond x DVS Shoe Launch Party.  It was probably one of the best parties I've ever thrown.  We had DJ Mike B and a hype performance by Pac Div.  It was seriously ridiculously packed in all three rooms (yeah if you didn't know the back room of Onyx was open too).  We were way over capacity!  HAHA

I started off the night with a drink from Thuy and Tina.  Thanks!
Pac Div performing live at Thin.  Shit was hype!
Onyx was mad crackin' too!
Get it ladies!
DJ Kiss will be spinnin' at our upcoming House of Blues event on Sunday, February 15th.  She's cute!!!
DJ Nicky Savage was holdin' it down at Onyx with Nick (Blends).
I love these bitches: Jacque x Terry x Annabelle
I like this picture... Its sexy!
I haven't seen Melissa Hurley in years.  I hope you enjoyed the shot of Patron!  HAHA
Cousins: Jane x Althea
Happy Birthday Nick Diamond!  Kristine x Michelle x Nick x Althea x Jane x ???
Here are your host for the event: Linda x TK x Nicky Savage x Ben x Jesse
Last shot before we leave... 
We ended up grabbin' Mexican food at Homberto's, then headed back to Bumsville to find Tristan knocked out on the couch with some sharpie action to the forehead.  HAHA.
Didn't end up sleeping until 5AM...

To be continued...