Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brass Monkey for Jenny Kita's Birthday!

[Monday, October 18th] I just realized I totally forgot to blog about Jenny Kita's birthday last month at Brass Monkey.  It turns out this was the start to our weekly karaoke craze.  I didn't know karaoke bars got that crazy!!!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Jenny's birthday.

Before heading to Brass Monkey, Jino (Hellz) and I grabbed some delicious Korean food at one of his secret spots. I love bibimbap!
Happy birthday Kita! :)
We took over their Monday night rollin' 30 deep!
Getatnance (Amsterdam) x Miss Lawn (Hellz)
I expected Killuh B to karaoke to some hype trill shit, but she picked a Ryan Leslie joint... Very un-Killuh B.
Jenilee x Nancy x Kita x Janet x Lawn
Its alright... Its your birthday!
Jenilee's voice is a mix of Jesus and Fergie... It was beautiful!
JP San Pedro in the house!
I know there are a ton of other photos on other blogs that I didn't have, including JD McElroy and myself busting a "Wheel Barrel" on the birthday girl. HAHA

[LV] Main Event at Surrender inside the Encore.

For those of you planning to make your way to Las Vegas this fight weekend, join Victory Nightlife (SD) & Hvyrsnl (SF) at Surrender inside the Encore for the Main Event.  Complimentary admission with wristbands before 11:30PM. Contact to pick up wristbands.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video: "Locals Only" by Dom Kennedy

I'm feelin' Dom Kennedy's newest video for his single "Locals Only." Keep hustlin' homie!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I want: iPod Watch Band

Thanks to its diminutive size and built-in clip, the new iPod nano isn't just a music player — it's a fashion accessory. Make it even more of one with an iPod Watch Band ($25). Made from silicone, these bands come in a variety of colors to coordinate with whatever color nano you prefer, and offer full coverage for the nano, with push-through button covers and an integrated headphone port cover. If only it did FaceTime.

Via: Uncrate

Video: New York City - Timelapse

I miss New York! Who wants to head out to NYC with me after Thanksgiving?

SDAFF Photo Booth Pictures from R&R

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the SDAFF Photo Booth.
CLICK HERE to view more photos from the SDAFF Photo Booth.

Shopping: Hellz Sample Sale

Who doesn't love sample sales?  This past Saturday Hellz had a sample sale in Los Angeles at the Hellz/GPPR Headquarters.  Since Hellz is strictly for the ladies, I did shopping for my lil' cousin, Demi aka Stinky.  Every time there's a sample sale knows she's about to get hooked up with some fresh new gear from her favorite cousin aka me! HAHA

CLICK HERE to get the Hellz "The Shopper's Life" recap for the sale.

Here are some of the items that Angela (Hellz) helped me pick out for Demi:


You better be getting those good grades Demi!  Hope you love it all! :)

For those of you in San Francisco, Hellz is taking the Sample Sale on the road to the Black Scale Store in Union Square this Saturday.  Don't sleep on it! 50%-75% off... Did you hear me? I said, 50%-75% off!!!
For more information check out:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Video: Halloween Block Party by Garvin Ha

Recent footage has just been recovered from the paranormal activity that transpired before the Halloween Block Party at House of Blues. The whereabouts of TK Nguyen are still unknown. If you or anyone you know has any information please contact your local authorities.

Produced & Directed by Garvin Ha.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Block Party Photo Booth

CLICK HERE to view all the photo booth pictures courtesy of Razo.
CLICK HERE to view all the photo booth pictures courtesy of Razo.