Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oliver Peoples Connolly

Its Summertime in SoCal, which means its time to go shop for sunglasses. Since my good friend Ray Benitez works at Oliver Peoples in Fashion Valley, I decided to pay him a visit and try on some shades. After shuffling through several pairs, I found a winner: Oliver Peoples Connolly (MSRP: $295). Of course I went with matte black... All black everything! ;)

Thanks again Ray! 143!
For more information:

Julz is actually good at something other than sucking...

[Thursday, April 1st] I spent most of the day working from out of the 5&A Dime office. We've got DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z's Tour DJ) coming in to Thin for a special edition of R&R: Rhythm & Recreation on Friday, April 30th. Its the official 5&A Dime x DJ Neil Armstrong exclusive T-Shirt & DNA of the Blueprint CD release party. I'll have more info for you soon... You won't want to miss it!

Anyways, the Victory fam took over Mira Mesa Bowl on Thursday with $25 lanes & $7 domestic pitchers of beer. Time to bust out our balls... Who wants some!?

CLICK HERE to view photos from Victory takeover week.

Lang x Eric x Phantom also came out to have a few drinks by the bar. I haven't seen Lang in forever. We lived together in China for 6 months back in 2005 while I was studying abroad in China. I miss those days!
Victory Fam = 143!
Remember how I mentioned, "If you want to be on a winning team, make sure you don't have Julz on your team"? Well I was about to eat those words because it turns out the only thing in life Julz is good at happens to be bowling. Who would have thought he'd be good with balls... (pause).
The lanes were packed and it was time to get our bowl on...
We split up into two different teams: Team Edric & Team Julz. I'm still upset because I was picked last! WTF!? I paid for these lanes too! SMH! I'll show you guys!
Brandeezy x Kev Might
April showing off her awkward bowling technique while holding a Choco Taco. That's kinda gangster!
That's a strike right there son! Damn, last pick!? Cmon' son! I got the 3rd highest score... SMH!
It ended up coming down to the last frame and somehow Julz's team pulled off the Victory (Nightlife)! Good game! We still owe you guys a shot!
Around 11:30PM, we all decided to mob down to Downtown San Diego to visit Jay Dread spinnin' at Red C Lounge. All the 5&A Dime crew was down there sippin' on cheap drinks and gettin' down to some classic Jay Dread mixin'!

Shout out to Alphanumeric's: D Dubs x Aly
Adrianne x Terry
Wow! I haven't seen Jo-Randy in years... I remember him when he was still only 7 years old. Good to see you bro!
Suzie Q
The one and only Jay Dread of 5&A Dime!
This is only 1/3 of the Bumsville Bitches! I miss you guys... :(
WTF are these white boys doing? HAHA
Thursday's MVP: Julian Dela Pena aka DJ Julz
We brought the party back to La Fachada afterwards since Jay's never been before. OMG... The al pastor California burrito with a side of Victory hot sauce. YUM!!!
What do you think Jay!?
He loves it! Another satisfied customer! :)
Another fun night with the Victory x Mindz Alike x 5&A Dime family & friends!

P.S. I love you Julz!

Friday, April 16, 2010

ABDC Champions for Charity Interviews

[Thursday, April 15th] The Pacific Rim Video crew was backstage with all 5 Championship crews: Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes, and Poreotix for the ABDC Champions for Charity show. It was by far the best episode of ABDC... Ever! I just wish we could have seen the Beat Freaks up there too but at least I was able to watch the show in the audience with all the BF ladies.

The original America's Best Dance Crew Jabbawockeez:

Introducing our Special Guest hostess:

Pacific Rim & the Beat Freaks interview Super Cr3w:

Mega Interview with WOD TV and Quest Crew:

Fun times... More photos and a recap blog coming soon!

Never be on Team Julz!

[Wednesday, March 31st] After shutting down Seau's on Tuesday, we decided to takeover Dave n' Busters on Wednesday. We had a meeting in the showroom, followed by dinner at the restaurant, shots of liquid cocaine, and ended the night with some Arctic Thunder down under! HAHA It was just nice to be able to hangout with everyone and do some team bonding outside the club.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Victory's Takeover Week

Time to get down to business in the showroom with a quick Victory meeting.
After that it was time to get our grub on in the restaurant. Damn, looks like Jay already has food coma... HAHA!
Who wants a shot? You know how we do...
To the Good Life!
It was time to play some games for consequences! Too bad all these dudes were hogging the Trivia Pursuit game... Geez! What happen to sharing is caring you mutha f**kers!
Oh well, who wants to get in on some Skeet Ball... HAHA! We busted out into 4 teams of 2, with the losers having to do 10 push ups in the middle of the DnB. Guess who won!?
How come I'm not surprised Julz's team lost? SMH!
We made Julz and Edric battle it out on DDR for losing...
Do your push ups Julz!
My turn to bust out some of my dance moves on Dance Dance Revolution!
Girard showed us all up with his DDR skills, I should have made him do push ups for being that good at it. SMH!
It was about to get real competitive on Arctic Thunder, you don't even know!
All the ladies were having the "Time of their Life" on Arctic Thunder with the vibrating seats... HAHA!
Now that's what I call team work! Team Edric x TK all day! No homo.
And the winners are...
And of course, Julz is somehow in last place once again... SMH! Note to all: Do not be on Julz team if you ever want to win! HAHA
We all ended up posting up and doing some parking lot pimpin' outside after they closed for another good hour just chit chatting about stupid pranks we wanted to pull on people. Soon... The Midnight Marauders will strike again! HAHA

Too bad I am the one that actually got punk'd that night at Denny's afterwards when some random hoodlum asked if he could use my phone to call his mom. Being the nice guy that I am, I let him use it, and he ends up taking off with it and jumping into a car.

Luckily my iPhone is password protected and its always backed up or else I would have really been sad. It's all good I ended up upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS anyways, which I was planning to do eventually. I should have just listen to C. Gama. HAHA Oh well, you live and you learn! At least I didn't lose in Arctic Thunder! :)

Chaz Cruz Photo Shoot Preview

Photographer extraordinaire, Chaz Cruz, was shooting in LA this week so he stopped by the crib to take a few head shots for me. Thank you sir! Here's a quick preview of our business casual mixed with the "open mouth serious" look. HAHA
Make sure you check out Chaz's photo blog:

While Chaz was out in New York a few weeks ago, he did a photo shoot with the stylish duo of Street Etiquette, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. They've been recently featured in GQ magazine for their amazing taste in style. Love these vintage inspired photos. Check it!

CLICK HERE to view the rest of Chaz's photos.

Nude Homme: Fall/Winter 2010

I know Summer is just around the corner but I am already excited for all the Fall/Winter 2010 outerwear. I guess you could say I'm a jacket type of guy. I love quality designed peacoats, toggle coats, fur lined jackets, and trench coats with fine attention to material and detail. I'm looking forward to Nude Homme's Fall/Winter 2010 line by Masahiko Maruyama. I want!

CLICK HERE to view more photos.

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