Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Its seriously been a long hectic few weeks working in the lab on my master plan to takeover the WORLD! I've been itching to blog about all my latest adventures:

+ The Blueprint 3 tour at Staples & Hyde after-party
+ Terry & Joe's birthday softball picnic (SD)
+ My 1st rehearsal for the UrbanFX Reunion Show
+ A week in San Diego with the Victory Fam:
• Introducing the new Victory sushi roll at Seau's
• Victory Invasion of Dave N' Busters & Mira Mesa Bowl
+ Hip-Hop Karaoke's 2 Year Anniversary at Thin/Onyx
+ Mink Mondays with "Peter Answers"
+ Tuesday at Teddy's
+ ABDC Season 5 Finale
+ World of Dance Pomona 2010

But I've been so caught up on all these different projects that I haven't had time to focus on redesigning my new blog, THETKTIMES.COM. Therefore in the meantime, I'm going to continue to update my blogspot and introduce a few new categories to the blog, like "iPhone Adventures" with video/photos straight from my iPhone 3GS. Be on the look out!

[iPhone Adventures]: Baby sample... HAHA
Mink Mondays with Black Scale, Mighty Healthy, and Peter Answers! Straight up Devil worship... SMH!
ABDC Season 5 Wrap Party
Danny Lee (Producer) x Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks)
The ladies of my life: Demi Vo x An Diep aka Mom
Mink Mondays field trip with the Bay Area fam at Pho 36!

In addition, these past several weeks I've found myself stepping outside of my comfort zone and begin to start challenging myself once again. I am focused! With that in mind, I have a QOTD: "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure." Remember we fail so we can succeed.

Lets keep hustlin'!

Alright let me get back to updating the blog. Thanks for being so patient. I greatly appreciate all my loyal readers! 143! =)