Friday, April 16, 2010

Never be on Team Julz!

[Wednesday, March 31st] After shutting down Seau's on Tuesday, we decided to takeover Dave n' Busters on Wednesday. We had a meeting in the showroom, followed by dinner at the restaurant, shots of liquid cocaine, and ended the night with some Arctic Thunder down under! HAHA It was just nice to be able to hangout with everyone and do some team bonding outside the club.

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Time to get down to business in the showroom with a quick Victory meeting.
After that it was time to get our grub on in the restaurant. Damn, looks like Jay already has food coma... HAHA!
Who wants a shot? You know how we do...
To the Good Life!
It was time to play some games for consequences! Too bad all these dudes were hogging the Trivia Pursuit game... Geez! What happen to sharing is caring you mutha f**kers!
Oh well, who wants to get in on some Skeet Ball... HAHA! We busted out into 4 teams of 2, with the losers having to do 10 push ups in the middle of the DnB. Guess who won!?
How come I'm not surprised Julz's team lost? SMH!
We made Julz and Edric battle it out on DDR for losing...
Do your push ups Julz!
My turn to bust out some of my dance moves on Dance Dance Revolution!
Girard showed us all up with his DDR skills, I should have made him do push ups for being that good at it. SMH!
It was about to get real competitive on Arctic Thunder, you don't even know!
All the ladies were having the "Time of their Life" on Arctic Thunder with the vibrating seats... HAHA!
Now that's what I call team work! Team Edric x TK all day! No homo.
And the winners are...
And of course, Julz is somehow in last place once again... SMH! Note to all: Do not be on Julz team if you ever want to win! HAHA
We all ended up posting up and doing some parking lot pimpin' outside after they closed for another good hour just chit chatting about stupid pranks we wanted to pull on people. Soon... The Midnight Marauders will strike again! HAHA

Too bad I am the one that actually got punk'd that night at Denny's afterwards when some random hoodlum asked if he could use my phone to call his mom. Being the nice guy that I am, I let him use it, and he ends up taking off with it and jumping into a car.

Luckily my iPhone is password protected and its always backed up or else I would have really been sad. It's all good I ended up upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS anyways, which I was planning to do eventually. I should have just listen to C. Gama. HAHA Oh well, you live and you learn! At least I didn't lose in Arctic Thunder! :)