Friday, April 3, 2009


Jomo just sent me this picture of me from last night complete knocked out and cuddled up on the couch in VIP. HAHA.


TK x Mark Marcelo
More pictures and a full recap coming soon! Its time to head over to Thin/Onyx for Exclusive, but I can't drink too much tonight because I have to head back up to Pomona for World of Dance by 11:30AM. FML!

FYI: Driving home from LA to SD hungover in Friday traffic is the worse... HAHA

Thursday, April 2, 2009

They've got Crabs!

Sunday night we continued the celebration at Crab Hut in Clairemont for Joe (Avnt Grde) and Terry's (Bumsville) birthdays. We were rollin' deep with over 30+ friends. Here are a few flicks I stole from Jomo and Edric's blogs... Thanks guys!

RJ might look like a cute and innocent kid, but he's actually a little thief who stole my hat! I want it back! Don't make me come to your school during recess...
Don't let his smile fool you...
Table art?!
More table art by yours truly... HAHA!
Everyone was digging in and getting their hands dirty, especially Scott (OPP) and Jenn whose bill came out to over $70.
Twittering at the table... HAHA! I'm addicted!
Damn Gian, why you always make the girls cry!?
Feasting like Kings!
They've got crabs, but its cool its their birthdays! 143!
Adding a little 5&A Dime touch to Crab Hut!
Afterwards we headed a few doors down to Yogurt World where Julz showed off his nut hugger Alphanumeric jeans! HAHA
Everyone was stuffed after Crab Hut and Yogurt World... Time to go to bed!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LAX on Saturday!?

WTF? Out of all the pictures Usual Suspects could have used for Allen, why this one?

Geez... I love you too! I guess... Thanks!? HAHA. Anyways, if you're in Hollywood this Saturday after World of Dance Pomona come through to LAX hosted by Usual Suspects and my "close" friend... Allen the Gallavanter! HAHA

April Fools: Half Million Dollar Shot!

Remember the College Humor prank war where Amir go his friend Streeter at Yankee Stadium with a fake marriage proposal? Well Streeter finally got his revenage... Watch!

If you haven't seen the fake marriage proposal here it is...

Happy April Fools Day!

Source: Aplus' Twitter... HAHA

I'm hungry...

The End!

5DTV: Softball Saturdays... I missed it! =(

5&A Dime just released a new 5DTV clip from Saturday's softball game. I totally missed out... Nice job on the editing Garvin! You're the man! Can't wait till the next game!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THURSDAY: Quiet Riot @ Stone Rose [LA]

This week is going to be extra busy. I'm hosting 2 club events, one in LA and the other in SD, plus we have World of Dance Pomona this Saturday...

This Thursday the Collective: Doug Wu x Bee Nguyen x Arsen, along with Ben Wang and myself are hosting Quiet Riot at the Stone Rose inside the Sofitel Hotel LA. We've got DJ Gomez Warren and Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike | Victory) behind the decks. Plus we're celebrating the 21st birthday of Melissa Reyes!

You know its gonna be crackin' so if you're in LA on Thursday come through and party with us. FYI: We're only letting guys in who have at least a 1 guy to 1 girl ratio... So invite girls!


Tell your friends... Spread the word!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Handshakes at Onyx!

After some Fast & the Furious action on the tracks at Boomers, I headed straight down to San Diego. I was originally hoping to make it back in time for Joe & Terry's birthday picnic/softball game but it was already too late. I heard it was tons of fun and came down to the wire. I'll be at the next one...

CLICK HERE to view photos from Saturday at Onyx.
CLICK HERE to get Jomo's recap of the night on his blog. (Sorry Jomo but I stole some of your photos... Thanks!)

I went straight to Ice Skate in Mira Mesa (aka home to Joe Iggy, Cindy, Aprille, Fels, & Steven). I was starving and in desperate need of a hot shower. Lets just say its been a few days... HAHA!

While hanging out with the girls in Fels room. Michelle offered to do some clean up work around my eyebrows with some tweezers... They ended up waxing between my eye brows. I am not even sure why I'm even posting this but it was funny.
Can you tell the difference?
I finally took a hot shower and felt zestfully clean! It was then off to Bumsville to meet up with more friends. We eventually ended up at Thin/Onyx where Doug (the Collective) and his girlfriend, Miledy (Paramount) were waiting for us. They were both in town because Miledy was scoping out a few venues for an upcoming event for Paramount Pictures.

Don Julio shots!
Since Doug always takes care of me at My House, Crown Bar, and all of his other events in Hollywood/LA, I had to return the favor. We'll both be hosting an event this Thursday at the Stone Rose inside the Sofitel Hotel LA.
After a few rounds of drinks, we roamed the streets of Downtown SD. We made a quick pit stop at Red Circle to visit Dale & Gigi from Dred Carpet Productions.
We ended up all going back to Onyx were cracked a bottle of Grey Goose! Party time!!!
Francine x Jomo
In the VIP...
OMG! Is that Stephanie Ocampo? WTF!?
Stephanie took over my job and got Eric, who was celebrating his birthday, with the signature move... My they learn so quickly! Geez...
Here I am partying with Melissa Hurley & Chris Ocampo's younger siblings: Amanda & Stephanie... and of course Jomo!
Francine x Arvin (Pac Modern)
Round 2!
Jenny, Jemaya, Rhoda, and Troy (not pictured) ended up coming over to Onyx too!
Grey Goose x Cranberry
No more...
At least we have a backup bottle of champagne...
Alan (UNIV) x Kat
TK x Brett (One People Project)
Liza Elaine Valdez... Yeah I said her entire name! I haven't seen you in years!
Like Jomo said, "Lots of handshaking going on here...." HAHA
I hope everyone had a great time! It was great to see Doug and Miledy in San Diego. See you guys on Thursday! The the UNIV family, I hope you guys have fun too! Happy birthday to Eric! See you all soon...

It was time for a California Burrito at Humberto's off of Broadway and 23rd... Shit was so good!

FRIDAY: DJ Rygar is back for Meh Meh's B-Day!

This Friday we've got DJ Rygar (600 Inc) from SF coming through to DJ at THIN with DJ Teknikscian. We'll be celebrating the 23rd birthday of Meghan Luna aka Meh Meh. We've also go Armory Massive in house for Hip Hop Karaoke down at Onyx w/ DJ Hektik and DJ Felt1.

I'm also proud to announce its the Victory Nightlife debut of DJ Big Willie Style (Mindz Alike)!

Secret Password: "I want to do the Tootsie Roll!"
Get you in FREE before 11PM and 1/2 off cover afterwards. Tell your friends!

Its going to get ignorant!

Thursday: I'll also be hosting an event in Hollywood at Stone Rose inside the stunning Sofitel Hotel LA for Melissa Reyes' 21st birthday along with Doug Wu (the Collective) and Ben Wang (Clae).

Saturday: Don't forget World of Dance Pomona is here! Get your presale tickets now to see Quest Crew and Beat Freaks. We're expecting over 6,000 people this year so come out to support, enjoy the show, check out the vendors, and have fun!

Damn, its gonna be a crazy week!

Random Nights at Bumsville by Tim Scott... ish!

My good friend Tim Scott just switched over to blogger and put up some old photos from some of the random fun we use to have at Bumsville. I miss doing all this hood rat stuff and just chillin' at Bums... Seems like after Summer was done, everyone had to get back to reality: Work and School. I can't believe its almost April... This year is going by so fast! I wonder what Summer 2009 has in store for us all!

I miss Annabelle, Terry, and Michelle! 2/3s of the Bumsville Bitches just celebrated their birthdays this past week, actually Terry's birthday is today! Happy birthday to both Michelle Peterson & Terry Kang. Love you guys!

Take look at Tim's new blog: and peep a preview of this random night at Bumsville from this past Summer. If you go to his actual blog you'll get a sneak peak at our friend Elliot! HAHA

So excited for our destination....!!!?

THE GROCERY STORE!! We wanted to help Tony shop for his new home at Bumsville aka the Bat Cave!

Always smiling :)

Either TK is working out...or about to have some sexy time with Terry and Annabelle in the grocery store. :D

After our little shopping spree we headed back to Bumsville.

Up we go. Spider-Man style

Rooftop adventures!

Biggest bowl of cereal hahaha wow. Someone is going to be pooping later!

Loudest burp known to man.

Tony Showing his freshly shaven legs..Elliott is impressed!


I spy Tonys wee wee!

I'll always be the Bumsville Bachelor! 143!