Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Nights at Bumsville by Tim Scott... ish!

My good friend Tim Scott just switched over to blogger and put up some old photos from some of the random fun we use to have at Bumsville. I miss doing all this hood rat stuff and just chillin' at Bums... Seems like after Summer was done, everyone had to get back to reality: Work and School. I can't believe its almost April... This year is going by so fast! I wonder what Summer 2009 has in store for us all!

I miss Annabelle, Terry, and Michelle! 2/3s of the Bumsville Bitches just celebrated their birthdays this past week, actually Terry's birthday is today! Happy birthday to both Michelle Peterson & Terry Kang. Love you guys!

Take look at Tim's new blog: and peep a preview of this random night at Bumsville from this past Summer. If you go to his actual blog you'll get a sneak peak at our friend Elliot! HAHA

So excited for our destination....!!!?

THE GROCERY STORE!! We wanted to help Tony shop for his new home at Bumsville aka the Bat Cave!

Always smiling :)

Either TK is working out...or about to have some sexy time with Terry and Annabelle in the grocery store. :D

After our little shopping spree we headed back to Bumsville.

Up we go. Spider-Man style

Rooftop adventures!

Biggest bowl of cereal hahaha wow. Someone is going to be pooping later!

Loudest burp known to man.

Tony Showing his freshly shaven legs..Elliott is impressed!


I spy Tonys wee wee!

I'll always be the Bumsville Bachelor! 143!