Friday, March 21, 2008

Liquid Cocaine

Last night turned out to be a crazy ass night.  I wasn't even planning on getting crazy, but when I headed out to Dave 'n Busters I ran into so many people and had one too many shots.  There were a million asian people there.  I know its asian night on Thursdays but dude it was mad crackin'!

Liquid Cocaine:
1/2 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
1/2 oz Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps
1/2 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur

Gil eating his tasty turkey sandwich prepared by Cindy.
We all mobbed to D 'n B to meet up with friends.
Happy Birthday to Philip Geniza!
Liquid Cocaine for everyone!
Laura x Suz
To the birthday boy... Cheers!
It was also Michelle's birthday (OJ's sister), but since he wasn't there I had to fill in as her brother.  HAHA
Dennis is the cutest sandwich maker... Ever!
Rell was also there celebrating his going away/back to Montana.  More liquid cocaine for everyone... HAHA
Ojay finally showed up...
More liquid cocaine...
Formality 4 life!
After DnB, we rolled to Bar D to meet up with Steven and Julz.  Thursday night at Bar D is crackin' b/c of DJ Iron Mike!
Annabel x TK (?)
After a few too many liquid cocaine shots, I woke up like this...
I'm gonna kill you guys!
Damn... Even my toes were green!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Show Stoppin'

There are already tons of videos from World of Dance on YouTube. I found the video of our audience dance contest, which is among one of the highlights of the night. We started off with 6 members of the audience then slowly eliminated contestants until we reached the final round. The final round features two kids under the age of 10. They were sick! The definitely stole the show!!! Check it out!

I <3 Pizza!

Last night a few of the friends went out to eat at Pizza Port in Solona Beach.  The place was packed because they had $.25 wings and cheese sticks all night.  Their pizza reminded me of Round Table Pizza... Yummy!

They spelled Suzette's name "SUSETT"... HAHA
and Josephine's name "JOSEFY"... MAUHAHAHA
Alvin was kept everyone entertained with his mustache, including the old men next to us.
Alvin's to go box... WTF?
Down that shit!  Its funny b/c at the bottom of this picture you can see Rhoda and Alvin reaching for the same drink... HAHA
Annnndd Dennnnnn?
Pizza Port gets TWO thumbs up!
Good choice Alvin!

Who's the Bose?

Since I spend the majority of my time in front of the computer, I thought why not not pimp it out with a new set of speakers to jam out to while I get some work done.  I've been eyeing the Bose Companion 3's for a while now at the Apple Store.  They're a bit expensive for desktop speakers but I love Bose!  So fuck it...

Remember: "You only live once... So buy everything you can!" =)
My favorite cousin, Demi aka Stinky, also got a brand new macbook too because her parents, Momma and Poppa Zel are taking an extended vacation in Vietnam.  At least they can all iChat together now!
The Bose Companion 3's sound really magnificently crisp.  Come hear them for yourself.  Thanks again Bose!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Circle

Start off your Spring Break with Rob Zoomy and Me at Red Circle on Sunday, March 30th!

Welcome back Vince Santos!

I got a call Sunday morning while I was still in LA from a deep sexy voice that I haven't heard in nearly a year... It was Vince Santos!  He was back from Osaka, Japan and in LA too.  We decided to meet up for dinner and go out for a few drinks.

But before I met up with Vince, I had to handle some "family business."  I stopped by my cousin's house in Manhattan Beach to visit.  I drive up and see his new S600 parked in the drive way... WTF!?  That's a $160,000 Mercedes Benz with a V-12 engin and over 600 horse power.  On top of that he already has a SL55 hard top convertible too.  I'm jealous!
Here's my cute little niece, Shayanne!  So nice!!!
The force is strong with us... HAHA

Doesn't she look like Boo from Monsters Inc.?
Don't fuck with the Viet Mafia... I'm serious!
After handling some business transactions, Mark and I left to meet up with Vince, Doy, and a few of their cousins.  We ended up heading to LAX to listen to DJ AM.  The event was private and for RSVP only but luckily we know some folks that hooked it up.  Thanks Poly!
Two Brothers: Vince x Doy
Double Shot of Patron!

Rock out!!!
Welcome back bro!

Another shot of Patron...
World Famous... DJ AM!

I've never heard DJ AM spin live but he's just as dope as they say... Everyone was jammin'!!!
Eunice x Vince x Jessica
Yet another night in LA... I didn't come back to SD until Monday afternoon.  Talk about being Nomadic!  All I need is right here...
Taiwan and Vietnam are next... 

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