Friday, July 11, 2008

Revenge is a Bitch!

Last night after U-31 Steven, Guil, and I came back to Bumsville to find the BB (Annabelle, Terry, & Michelle) seek revenge on the  Midnight Marauders for Operation Bum Wrap.  Annabelle already blogged about it so I thought I'd just copy and paste it.

Make sure you check out the Bumsville blog too. Thanks ladies!

...Michelle and I decided to seek revenge on the Midnight Marauders. Unfortunately for Bin, he left his car keys at the house...and Toe-Knee had his bike storaged inside of the house...I kept the saran wrap that they used on my truck and Michelle's car the other day...I thought it would come in handy during payback time...and so it did. Terry was able to get in on the madness when she got home from work. Please check out exhibit A-I.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
this is Guilly's car...We finished Bin and TK's bike before Guilly even came over. I somehow convinced Guilly to leave his keys so I could create havoc while everyone went out to U-31. What a bummer.
Exhibit H
Exhibit I
Sucks to be TAA

don't think that bitches can't play this game too!
until next time...

Off to San Francisco...

Good morning everyone!

TGIF! I'm about to leave for San Francisco in a few moments. I'm meeting up with Tristan (Virgin America), Mark Marcelo (Mindz Alike), Edgar Del Fierro aka Speshul Ed (Mindz Alike), and friends in the Bay. I'll be there for less than 36 hours but we already have a full schedule.

Last night it was packed at U-31. We hit capacity early and had over 300+ people come out for our first event there in North Park. Thanks to everyone who came out once again to support. Congrats to Ciriculum Mag on their 1 Year Anniversary.

The new iPhone 3G comes out today. I can't wait to go to the Apple Store in SF to pick one up.

For all of you out in SF come out to Azul tonight on 1 Tillman Place. Azul is a gorgeous spot in the center of downtown SF's Union Square shopping district. The place is gorgeous without having the hectic irritations of an overcrowded massive nightclub. And, I can't think of any other spots in SF with a nicer patio. Nice, large patios in downtown SF are rare. We'll be celebrating the SF "Scrunchies & Headbands" CD mix release.

Alright pictures will be up soon from U-31... See you all at Jade Theater this Saturday for Remedy ft. DJ Earwaxxx (LV) & Jaycee Jay (LA).

143! Have a wonderful weekend! Wildboyz 4 Life! Buck buck buck!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

SD - SF - SD

Don't forget about U-31 tonight in North Park. Its FREE before 10pm and $5 after. Come out to support Curiculum's 1 year anniversary. See you tonight!
Then its off to San Francisco Friday morning with Mark Marcelo and friends.  So if you're in the Bay make sure you come out to Azul.  It'll be fun!!!
Now if that wasn't enough, I'm flying back to SD to go check out DJ Earwaxxx and Jaycee Jay mixin' live at Jade Theater along with DJ Virus and Hektik.
Here's a clip of DJ Earwaxxx spinnin' on a cruise ship:

Thanks Julz for the video. What a weekend its going to be...

Email to get on the guestlist for these events.


Wednesday night a few of us went to Design Within Reach (DWR) in Downtown for a presentation by Daniel Fogelson from Emeco.  Emeco (Electric Machine and Equipment Company) is an aluminum chair company responsible for the Emeco 1006 chair, also called the Navy Chair, which has a life expectancy of 150 years and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

DWR features a wide variety of timeless furniture.  I want everything in this store, but first I need my own place.  

American Gothic
Which one do you want Ed?

Daniel (Emeco) x Edwin (Blends)
Navy Chair: $395

Timeless. Chairs admired today and indefinitely. Chairs that span generations and cultures. Built individually by a handful of craftsmen. 77 painstaking steps at a time. The enduring Emeco Classics.

I want it all...

Candid of Annabelle & Edwin on the streets of Downtown.
Chris (Neighborhood)

I ended the night with a Crunchy & Super Dragon Roll at Sushi Deli.  Afterwards we headed back to Bumsville where I am currently blogging from.  Good night!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Midnight Marauders Strike Again!

Tuesday was a chill day spent working in the office aka my room.  Joe, Steve, Julz, and Michelle cruised over to meet with Ollie about Avant Garde's upcoming website.  Ollie's been getting a lot of offers these days so if you need any graphics or web design let me know... I'll refer you.  I'm his agent.  HAHA

Look out for Joe, Ollie, and my consulting firm (with Steven and Julz as our assistants) coming in 2009 called TAA Consulting Firm (Talented Ass Asians)... HAHA

This is a very productive photo.
On our way out to head down to Mission Valley, I find a handful of my brothers friends playing beer pong in the garage... Damn on a Tuesday?  You alcoholics!
Made a pit stop at In n Out to replenish.  I love Animal Style!!!
We stopped by April, Cindy, and Joe's condo where Guil was coming to meet up with us after work.  We tried to pull the water off the balcony prank on him but...
We just missed him.  HAHA
When April got home she was introduced to Party Boy!
The night was still young so we thought it would be a great idea for the Midnight Marauders to strike again.  So we stop by our local supermarket aka Food 4 Less to pick up the essentials: Saran Wrap, Cheez Its, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Toilet Paper, & Fig Newtons.
Operation Bum Wrap is progress...
We arrived to our target destination to find 2/3 of our victims still awake watching TV with all their windows and doors wide open.  It was a risky operation but we had to continue our mission.  Once we penetrated through their side gate there was no turning back...
We even left them a present on their door step: Charmin Ultra Soft, Cheez Its, Peanut Butter, & Jelly... Joe at the Fig Newtons.  HAHA
The Damage:
We even uncovered Michelle's car, saran warpped it, and put the cover back over.

Our 3rd victim, Terry came home right after we completed our mission to find they had just been "OWNED".  We observed and recorded their reaction from the roof.
"Where are you mutha fuckers!?"
"Dude I thought I heard the gate awhile ago, and I thought it was Terry!"
"Awww, I love them!"
"I don't know if they got your car though!?"
"They got your car too!"
"Are you kidding me?  Are you fuckin' kidding me?!"
"I love them so much!  I really do!"
"Where are they?"

Check out the video.  Sorry the video is really dark but you can hear their reactions... HAHA  Just press play and continue reading.
Victims: Annabelle, Michelle, & Terry of Bumsville

Weapon of Choice:
Welcome to the "Man Games 2008"!

The Midnight Marauders strike again!
Annabelle put it best, "Another night of killing boredom... Good times!"

CLICK HERE to get the Bumsville point of view on Operation Bum Wrap.