Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holiday from Victory Nightlife!

[Saturday, December 26th] After spending quality time with the family for Christmas, it was time to head out to the Victory Holiday Party at Confidential. We started the night early with bottles of champagne, rounds of appetizers, and several main courses.

Thank you to the entire Victory Nightlife staff, friends, and family for making 2009 a very memorable year. Over the past few years, I must say that this group has been the closes and the most fun! We appreciate everyone's continuous support through the year and look forward to taking Victory to the next level in 2010. Lets make it happen!

Victory Nightlife 2009
Kev (FYS) is such a gentlemen... I'm a bit jealous! ;)
I love this photo!
Thanks to Darren and the staff at Confidential for taking such great care of us.
Saturdays at Confidential are Classified™.
Scotty x Maria aka Kris
Confidential is the perfect happy hour/dinner spot for all occasions! The food is absolutely delicious, plus their presentation is amazing too!
Aww... Check out this romanic candid I snapped of Stephine and Wylie in the patio.
Hannah x Kaye x Noelle x Nancy
Thanks Rochelle aka Roach for joining us for dinner. I'm glad we finally got a chance to catch up.
DJ Mahjestik (Z90.3)
Tresha aka B x Alison aka Friend x Christine aka Gama
TK x Lora (plus a cameo from Angie Girl)
Jen x Ian (Crowd Creators)
Happy birthday Amanda Hurley!
Scott (OPP) x Rhea x Peter (Incase)
Dancing dancing dancing!
Tricia x Mirabel x TK
6 Footers aka TAA
TK x Gamalinda
Who gave Joe too many drinks? This fool was straight drunk wild n out! HAHA
Gian (5&A Dime) x Kaye
Thanks to everyone for coming out to support!
Alfredo x Harold
Look out for DJ Julz in 2010! He's coming out with a mixtape... Right Julz!?
Phil x Jenny aka Ms. China '07
Swear Boyz
My cousin Mike (SF) x Alison
The one and only DJ Mark Marcelo!
Lets get ready for 2010!