Saturday, January 16, 2010

Art Walk in DTLA.

[Thursday, January 14th] Last month I went to my first Art Walk in Downtown LA, which is every 2nd Thursday of the month. A few friends came up from San Diego to check out our new place in LA before we mobbed out to Downtown 3 car loads deep. It was hella crackin'! We all ran into many familiar faces... Hello!

Since my Canon S90 is getting repaired, I tried using my iPhone to snap a few pictures, but its hard when there isn't a flash. FAIL!

Here's a picture Leila snapped on her iPhone before we headed out.
Chach x TK
Has anyone seen "Eli" yet? I wonder if its good... I read some mixed reviews.
I've been trying to search for some art pieces that would fit in my room but I'm so picky...
These canvas pieces by a local photographer caught my eye but I decided to hold off... He had some amazing photos of LA.
We meet up with a few folks at Cole's, which is Philippe's french dip rival. The place was crackin' with folks out the door.
We headed over to LA Live to visit the Usual Suspects at Lucky Strike and get a game of bowling in.
I started off my first frame with a strike, but I was rusty!
Twinkle Toes my ass! HAHA
It was another fun adventurous night in LA! Come up for the next Art Walk on Thursday, February 11th.