Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clippers vs. Heat at the Staples Center

[Sunday, January 10th] After one of the longest days ever and just a few hours of sleep, I was headed back up to LA for the Clippers vs. Heat game with the Lagunas aka Jr & Cecile, and Vince aka Viper. Thank you Katrina (Clippers) for the tickets!

CLICK HERE to view photos from Sunday's festivities.

7th row behind the Clippers bench thanks to @katrinajo!

My camera was having a hard time focusing for some reason... I think I have to exchange my S90 for a new one. Kaman for MVP!
I think Cecile is Kaman's #1 fan!
I was rooting for the Clippers but I wanted Dwade to go off... But that didn't happen. It was a blow out!
That's Katrina on the jumbo screen!
Clippers 94 - Heat 84... Sorry Leo!
TK x JR x Cecile x Vince
Clipper Girls: Katrina x Ariel
Thanks again Katrina! 143! Shout out to Allen & Chief from Usual Suspects and Jan from 21XL. Glad I saw you guys all for a quick second. 143!