Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Body Rock After Party at Confidential!

[Saturday, May 22nd] After being at Body Rock from 8AM until 10PM, I was so ready to just pass out for the next few days, but the party must continue! For the past two years, I've always found myself partying with Kaba Legecy after Body Rock. These m*tha fu*kers party to the edge of death... Seriously!

Its not even summer yet and Confidential has been crackin'! The Body Rock After Party at Confidential was definitely Classified™. Thank you to everyone that came out, we had crowds of people waiting outside all night. Get there early folks!

KM Legecy
Heather x Lara
Belve x Henny
Love this picture of Jenn!
I can't even remember the last time I partied with Lawrence Kao (Kaba), but we've definitely have some drunken stories. We're about to go in... Lets go!
April Rodriguez (Essence) x Lawrence Kao
Austin (Boxcuttahz) x Toy Box (KM Legacy)
The 21XL family aka Myron Marten x DJ Justyles came through as well to celebrate Justyle's birthday! Shout out to Kyle Hanagami and say "Ahhhhhh"!

Guess who I learned that from... SMH!
21XL x Victory
Our VIP area was out of control...
Look who it is, Chris Cruz (Stay Fresh) is in the building!
TK x Justyles x Myron Marten x Chris Cruz = 143! HAHA
Guess who made a special guest appearance, Mr. Moe Zarabi himself!
Korea aka Terry Kang x Jenn Ahn
Julz (Mindz Alike) x Adubs
Wanna see a dead body? I told you KM parties to the edge of death... SMH!
We've got people dancing on all kinds of furniture!
It just got crazier and crazier every time I looked over at the KM Legacy area... HAHA!
Oh shit... Matching stripes and matching grindin'! HAHA
Last year, I found myself with Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle) and the rest of the Company passed out on the floor of their hotel room... Wait, that happened again this year too! HAHA I think we're gonna make it a tradition!
I spy Dtrix (Quest)!
I love the Zarabis'!
The ladies were lovin' Dtrix! HAHA
Afterwards, Shaun Evaristo, Dtrix, Nate, and I headed over to the hotel to continue partying... Hi Marien!
Lauren! :)
Happy birthday to my birthday twin, Pat Cruz!
Bathroom Picture: Shaun Evaristo x Aggie x TK... Gross! HAHA
Thank you to the Company for always showing me love and giving me a place to pass out... HAHA! For some reason I don't have a picture with Mike Fal, so I thought I'd just give him a shout out! Wildboyz Daly City!!!

See you guys next year for Body Rock 2011!