Monday, March 8, 2010

Mink Mondays: Kogi Tacos Vol. 2

[Monday, March 1st] Its the 1st of the month, plus its Monday, which means its Mink Mondays with everyone's favorite Korean chola aka Mink! Since our Kogi taco night was such a hit, we decided to bring it back! But someone thought it was a good idea to send Neran and I out to the Korean market to get all the groceries. That was its own adventure in itself... HAHA!

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It took us a minute and a few boxes later to figure out how to use this meat sealing mechanism.
Its genius! I definitely need one of these in our house for all of our leftovers.
I hope I got everything on the list...
The Chef & her assistant: Mark x Mark x Mink
The guests & their "toys": Talia Sunset x Neran

Who let Sneaker into the kitchen? So nice!

The final product: Kogi Tacos x Havana Corn
Plus, we had lemonade soju to top it off! Cheers!
Imee cookin' up Round 2... I need seconds, thirds, and maybe fourths! =)
It was finger lickin' good!

Imee x Sneaker
Victory Nightlife x Jack Daniel's

Hannah x Julyne x Nanceely came up from San Diego for a slumber party because we were all going to the Ellen Show and ABDC in the morning. They brought DJ Hero with them, which meant Mark Marcelo was going to be up all night on the Xbox. HAHA
Apparently James is an expert at DJ Hero... Looks like a 13 year old boy who just opened up his Christmas gift, while Jerry Meng looks like a serious business man over there. HAHA
It was another successful Mink Monday! Thanks to all the first timers that came: Imee x Vincent x Neran x Hannah x Nanceely x Julyne

I wonder what we're having tonight for Mink Mondays...