Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ellen Show x ABDC

[Tuesday, March 2nd] After staying up until 5AM doing some girl talk, we were off to the Ellen Show so I could get in touch with my feminine side. I've never been surrounded by so many older caucasian women in my life, but I guess I'll make the best of it and look for a hot cougar sugar momma! ;) HAHA It was about to be a long day at Warner Brothers in Burbank, but I am not complaining. Thanks Nanceely for inviting me to come watch Ellen too.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from Ellen & ABDC.

Julyne x Nanceely x Hannah
Anne Hathaway came out during the show to surprise the audience with tickets to an advance screening of "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D. Although I was dying to see it, I had to check in for ABDC by 5PM so I couldn't make it. =( By the way, Anne Hathaway is beautiful in person!

This is the only picture I was able to snap with my iPhone while we were on set.
The show let out at 4PM, so we had about an hour to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to Warner Brothers. I took Hannah and Julyne to my favorite spot in Studio City, Aroma Cafe.
Ice Mocha x Chicken Pesto Panini
Then it was back to Warner Brothers to do press for ABDC Season 5 along with Pacific Rim Video. It was Lady Gaga week, so I was actually excited to see what everyone had in store for us.

It was Julyne's (left) first time to ABDC and I could tell she was super excited, especially about meeting Poreotix. Thanks Julyne for taking these photos, well not of the one below because she's obviously in it.
I got backstage a bit late and missed the first pre-show interview Angelica Alumia and Monica Parales (School Gyrls) did with Hawaii's very own, Hype 5-0.
Blueprint (Canada) posin' for everyone's favorite photographer, Sthanlee, in their amazing Lady Gaga outfits for Gaga week. I love it!

Heavy Impact flaunted their outfits in our first Pacific Rim runway show... HAHA
CLICK HERE to watch our interview of Heavy Impact and Leon rockin' the runway! HAHA
Once the show started we headed back to the press room, where Chris Trondsen (WOD) was interviewing ABDC judge Omarion along with Glenda (Fanny Pak) and Dashaun (Vogue Evolution).
The backstage crew:
Since it was Lady Gaga week, Julyne, Monica, and I decided to head to the stage to watch the actual show. MLB future Hall of Famer, Barry Bonds was also in the audience enjoying the show. That's pretty major!
Week 6 was by far the best week of the season so far. Congrats to Blueprint Cru on an amazing performance, which JC said was "the best performance of this season so far! Time to head backstage to get some post show interviews...

Peter (Static Noyze) went through a Lady Gaga transformation... "I want to bring Peter back out and shit!" HAHA Way to work the stage!
CLICK HERE to watch our interview with Static Noyze.
Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) came through to join us.

Teresa and I also interviewed everyone's favorite jump ropers Saltare. They definitely bounced back from last week's mistakes with an incredible show. They're so entertaining to watch!
CLICK HERE to view the video of Teresa getting butt jumping lessons from Lisa.

Of course, we had to interview everyone's favorite comedic asians... Poreotix! Vietnam in the house! HAHA
Jet Li (Periodix)... HAHA!
CLICK HERE to watch our post-show interview with Poreotix.
Jungle Boogie enjoying some Charmed Cupcakes!
That's a wrap!
Fun times yet again at ABDC. Can't wait to see what everyone's bringing for the Disco Challenge. See you guys tomorrow!

After the show, Jayar (WOD), Hannah, Julyne, and I headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to grab a bite to eat before heading back home. While we were there I ran into one of my favorite people, Kim aka Sister! 143!

What a fun day that started off at 12PM and didn't end until 12AM!