Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nike "WTF" Futsal Finals at the Montalban

[Saturday, June 12th] I headed over to Hollywood to watch the USA vs. England World Cup match up at the Nike Sportswear Montalban Theatre. Its a private event with FREE drinks, FREE food, a gigantic movie screen to watch the game, and hundreds of screaming USA fans decked out in red, white, and blue face paint! What more can you ask for? Plus, it was also the finale for the Nike "Write the Future" (WTF) Futsal Tournament on the rooftop.

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Look who I ran into while on my way to meet up with producer Danny Lee (Calico Works) at K24... Dennis x Sam (Sosupersam)! So cute!!!
We didn't make it over to the Montalban until the 2nd half. The energy inside was ridiculous! People were chanting, they had air horns, the American flag, it was electrifying! Plus, we were watching the game on a giant movie screen. Thanks Nike!
The game was so intense... Look at everyone! HAHA
England 1 - United States 1... We'll take that!
Emily x Ant x Peter x Neran
It was so packed... Crackin'!
Aww... Arsen (Hall of Fame) x Baby Arsen x Lena (Nike)
While all the soccer fans were clearing out of the theatre, others were getting ready for the Nike WTF Futsal Tournament on the rooftop. The homies from 2nd Sucks needed an extra player, so they asked Neran to fill in. My first reaction was, "I gotta see this!" HAHA I've never seen Neran even jog, let along run. SMH!
Ant (Creative Contraband) reppin' USA along with these crazy drunken fans!
2nd Sucks: Kenny Mac x Arsen x Jerry Lorenzo x Jay x Neran
All the final teams:
The first match up was between 2nd Sucks and Blends! Since I had friends on both squads I was torn...
Yes that's really Neran on the soccer field... HAHA! Shout out to Nicky Savage who scored a goal for Blends!
Blends ended up winning 2-1. Better luck next time fellas... Right after the match Neran went straight to his cigarettes. HAHA!
Everyone loves Emily (SA)!
I spy Peter Benedicto!
Security: "I'm sorry but I can't have you drinking on the stairs"
Mark (Belvedere): "Its my liquor license."
Security: "I'm sorry sir."

Mark 1 - Security 0.
It was another beautiful day in LA!
I heard Soda Pop's, who catered the event, have the best sandwiches in LA! Who wants to roll with me to get a Chicken Parmesan sandwich?
Tresha (TS), who was in LA for a graduation, also stopped by with Eric to check out the event.
And the winner of the "Write the Future" Futsal Tournament is...
The Final Thrid!
Emily x Kiluh B x Mink (Crooks)
Thanks again to Lena and the entire Nike staff for all the hospitality. Who wants to roll with me to the Montablan this Friday, June 18th at 7AM for the USA vs. Slovenia? Hit me up!

After spending the majority of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful Southern Cali sun, it was time to head to the Hollywood Hills for a BBQ at with the guys from Public School NYC...