Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday: Ignorant Fridays is Back at Thin/Onyx!

I woke up Friday morning after Stone Rose wondering what exactly happened? Not a good look, but like I said it happens to the best of us.

Anyways, I had to be back in San Diego for Victory Nightlife's Exclusive event at Thin/Onyx that night. I tried leaving before the madness of Friday traffic, but I ended up getting caught up in it and worse of all I was still a bit hung over. However I did make a pit stop to handle some some business for the Viet Mafia aka my family. If you're following me on Twitter you know what I'm talking about... $5K

CLICK HERE to view photos from Thin/Onyx.

When I got back to SD it was pretty much straight to Downtown. I went to meet up with Ryan Garcia aka Rygar (600 Inc.), who flew in from the Bay Area, and Ruby at TGIF. Coincidently Britney Gale was there too celebrating her 21st birthday along with Katrina, Althea, and a few others.
Ruby x TK
It was Willie aka Big Willie Style's (Mindz Alike) Victory Nightlife debut. He came through with his own entourage!
Armory Massive was also in the building celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary of Hip Hop Karaoke, which we do with them every 1st Friday of the month. Sign up for the next one on May 1st!
Introducing DJ Big Willie Style...
Calvin x Roach x Ivan x Leah x TK... Thanks for the shot guys!
Its been a min since I've see the rest of the Victory staff... Reunited baby! Look out for us this Summer 2009!
We had quite a few birthdays including Meh Meh aka Meghan Luna! Happy 23rd Birthday Party Baby! HAHA
I also met Ashley that night who told me is an avid read of my blog. Its nice to know there are people out there who find my blog entertaining. Thanks for the support and it was a pleasure to meet you!
Britney x Katrina = 2/5 of Entityii
I'm diggin' the new look Josie!
We always take care of the birthday celebrants... Pop champagne!
Everyone loves sparklers! HAHA
Meh Meh x Larelle
I don't care if you're DJing fool... Open up!
Thanks for coming down from Santa Ana Roach!
Mikey x Destiny
Thuy was also there celebrating her birthday! Mitzie seriously kept pouring that vodka down Thuy's throat... It was hilarious!
Happy Birthday Thuy!!!
Terry (Bums) x Ben (Clae) are both making funny faces in this picture...
Someone was mad ignorant that night...
Yes, this one! But it was funny though... HAHA!
The place was crackin'!!!
Jeff ended up coming through to with the crew for his going away party!
Damn thats intense... Interlocking the fingers!
Jayallthetime (EOC) x Britney
Happy Anniversary to Hip Hop Karaoke: Cros1 x Ree x Hektik
Rygar and I headed to Bumsville afterwards, but one our way to the car we ran into a group of friends outside of 5&A Dime.
I thought the night was going to end early since I had to be in Pomona for World of Dance at 11:30AM.

Unfortunately Althea ended up losing her purse at the club so I came through to pick them up from their friend's condo. Luckily (I guess), her keys were hidden inside her car, only her keyless was lost. We ended up having to get a locksmith at 4AM. It wasn't cheap, but it could have been worse. At least you have your car!
I didn't end up getting home until 5AM. I was so exhausted! Its been LA to SD and next it was off to Pomona for World of Dance. Call time was 11:30AM...

Not happening!