Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Kitchen is f**kin' good!

[Tuesday, April 27th] Nancy aka @getatnance is visit Los Angeles once again from Amsterdam. We welcomed her home with a Chicken Pot Pie dinner at the Kitchen in Silverlake. The Kitchen has a warm and intimate atmosphere with good old homestyle cooking. Good pick Neran!

@jenandkerosene x @nerandhas
We were poppin' bottles of Poppy! #morepoppy HAHA
Welcome back Nancy! :)
The Kitchen is known for their Buttermilk Fried Chicken with gravy, garlic mash potatoes, and succotash. It was simply amazing!
Nancy said the Chicken Pot Pie was off the hook too! Everything we had was delicious, especially the Mac & Cheese!
Look who decided to crash the party? HAHA Just kidding... @jenny_kita
We topped off the night by heading over to Avalon for Carnival: Choreographer's Ball.
@espinosa22 x friends!
Lets get this show started...
It just so happen to be burlesque night at Carnival... Thank you! ;)
Thank you very much... HAHA!
@killuhb x @minkdeville
Welcome back to LA @getatnance!