Sunday, May 2, 2010

MADE x MAV After Party

[Saturday, April 24th] I was back in San Diego on Saturday for the MAV Foundation Fashion Show & MADE Jewelry 2 Year Anniversary at Confidential. Mark Marcelo (Victory), Angela (Hellz), Brittney (Hellz), and I stopped by 5&A Dime before heading over to Neighborhood for dinner.

I miss the Spicy Rubbed Cajun Burger with a side of garlic fries!
Brittany x Veggie Burger
Angela x Veggie Burger
I also got a chance to check out Noble Experiment, which is a secret bar located near the bathrooms behind a wall of beer kegs. Its a genius idea from Neighborhood owner Arsalun and El Dorado co-owner Nate. I wish I could have taken a picture but I guess you'll have to check it out for yourselves. However, you gotta RSVP to get in. Here's a sneak peak...

It was off to On Broadway next for the MAV Foundation Fashion Show. I was a Bay Area takeover!
Shout out to Lara struttin' her stuff on the runway.
Aaron x Mary Anne (MAV)
Angela meets Sammie aka Sosupersam, I so super love them both!
Hellz Bellz was one of the few brands at the show.
Hellz Bellz x MADE Jewelry
Abigail (MADE Jewelry), I am due for a trip to SF soon. We need to catch up more... I have plenty of stories for you! ;) HAHA
Aww... I miss Tiff!
Hellz: Miss Lawn x Rachem x Brittany x Angela
Congrats to MADE Jewelry on their 2 year anniversary. Lets get this part started...
I love this picture!
Mark Marcelo choppin' it up with MADE.
I love these different hand pictures... Hi Angela!
MAV Foundation: Mary Anne x Jennifer
Mr. Dela Pena
Open up Brittany!
SF is in the building!
Nick x Karen
Annie x Edric aka DJ Edroc (Mindz Alike)
We definitely got it in that night that night! Thanks to all the SF x LA folks that made it down to SD! Saturday at Confidential is Classified™.


MAV Foundation said...

Thanks TK for showing MAV your love, support and hospitality. We can't wait to come back to SoCal!