Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getatnance: TK's Graduation Party x SD

Nancy aka @getatnance's just posted a blog from her first trip to San Diego for my graduation party at Confidential. #morebelve in full effect! I'll have pictures and a full recap coming soon...

Let the party start!

TK's dad flew all the way from Vietnam for his Graduation :')
English pourin them drink
Me x Mink x Dj Lady Sha
Miss Lawn x Killah B x Mink
Good times x good people!
Packed w/ partypeople
Cheers to TK!
After the party comes the afterparty! First thing TK did as soon he got back into his suite...JACUZZI TIME!
Yup the party goes on!
So innocent... so deceiving! lol Everybody loves TK
Bye San Diego! TK is the shit. If you don't kno... now you kno.
Thanks Nancy!