Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegas Day 1: Hard Rock Hotel

[Monday, February 15th] I bet many of you guys didn't even know I've been working on finishing up my MBA at the University of Phoenix for the past 2 1/2 years. Well on Monday, I'm proud to say that I am finally finished with my Masters! You can all call me Master TK now! HAHA Just kidding. I actually took my 3 hour final at an Infiniti dealership while my car was getting maintenance was done before my trip to Vegas for Magic.

CLICK HERE to view photos from Day 1 in Vegas.

Enough about my MBA, its time to celebrate in Las Vegas! Taryn Katerine aka TK drove up to Vegas with me in the G35. We ended up talking the entire way and telling each other our life stories, we seriously didn't even have any music playing the entire 4 hour drive. We're like so BFF now! HAHA We didn't even know where we were going to stay, we were just gonna wing it and be spontaneous! Its more fun that way!

We didn't make it to Las Vegas until about 8:30pm and since it seemed like everyone was staying at the Hard Rock we decided to crash the party. Long story short, we ended up in Neran's room and noticed he was all by himself with 2 double beds (light bulb), so we ended up just making ourselves comfortable before he had a chance to say anything. HAHA Thanks Neran! You're the best!
I got nice calves... Oh yeah!
The TKs: Taryn Katerine x Toe-Knee are in the building!
But before we got our party on, we made a pit stop at the diner inside the Hard Rock... Cobb Salad! =) Trying to maintain my healthy diet. ;)
Taryn snapped this picture while in the ladies room... I love it!
The view from our room aka Neran's room! Viva Las Vegas!
Time to get ready... After Neran is done putting in his eye drops! HAHA
There we go!
Someone called us Harold and Kumar! HAHA Lets see what kind of trouble we get into...
The Circle Bar downstairs at the casino was crackin' with so many familiar faces. Crooks & Castles, Mighty Healthy, In4mation, Clae, Hot Air, Karmaloop, 9Five, and more. Everyone was just getting in and taking it easy with a few drinks and mingling.
Ashely (Foundation) came through and hung out with us! Hopefully I can come visit you in New York again soon!
I was keepin' it ghetto with a small flask of Hennessy in my pocket! HAHA
Jasmine (Karmaloop) x Neran x Mink (Crooks)
We ended up bringing the Karmaloop family back to our room to party!
Hi ladies!
Karmaloop: Giovannah x Jen x Dennis x Jasmine
It was back to Circle Bar afterwards to do some gambling. Thanks to Ben (Karmaloop) for teaching me how to play Craps! It certainly has the best odds in Vegas and its the most fun with a group of people! I came up $140 playing Roulette with the Crooks & Castles and Bee Nguyen (Hot Air), but by 7am I left $300 in the hole. Gambling is the devil... =(

Neran and I were drinking and gambling until the sun came up at 7am. That was our cue to head back to the hotel room stumbling in our drunken state of mind... HAHA!

To be continued...