Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jomo: R&B Karaoke at Thin/Onyx!

On to the party at Onyx/Thin where we celebrated Scotty Holloway's birthday, watched Girard serenade the crowd at Hip-Hop Karaoke with his rendition of I'll Make Love To You, and got CHOCOLATE WASTED!Well, at least I was chocolate wasted.

Check the bottom of the post for video of Girard (
Toe-Knee & Hannie on back-up vocals).

Thanks for the drinks Klev!

My chocolate wasted partner Hannie.

Toe-Knee's cousin Tony from London. Welcome mate (that's Aussie...)

Champagne showers. Happy birthday Scotty!

Hip-Hop Karaoke!

Nice Joel!

Hustlin' the hustler. TK got a great deal!

Birthday boy with the ladies. And Guil...

Cute cute na-man!

Closing the night at La Fachada. I miss the truck out front though... :(

This doesn't look like my al pastor california burrito. :(

Deep-throat king.